eDiscovery Platform

Respond quickly and easily to legal, regulatory and discovery requests.

Turbocharge your speed to resolution

Under pressure to quickly respond to legal matters and regulatory requests? The eDiscovery Platform is designed for you. We take speed to resolution seriously and have designed a simple, intuitive interface for customers that take it seriously, too.

  • Deploy a single solution across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from legal hold and collections through analysis, review, and production
  • Easily map your entire data landscape to locate relevant documents and communications
  • Trigger advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover critical evidence
  • Reduce manual effort and mitigate human error with workflow automation
  • Achieve quick deployment through a purpose-built appliance, software, or hosted as a service

Conduct world-class investigations

Execute complex, iterative eDiscovery processes

  • Isolate relevant items and prioritize what’s most important
  • Ensure defensibility with step-by-step audit tracking
  • Leverage a distributed architecture configuration to quickly analyze thousands of custodians

Be proactive and be prepared

Get ahead of compliance requirements

  • Use intelligent Auto-Filters and Transparent Search to manage your growing compliance workload
  • Quickly move from data collection to document review with a single, automated workflow
  • Comprehensive case dashboard ensures compliance officers have a single-pane-of-glass view into ongoing investigations

Stop waiting and start collecting

Save time and IT resources

  • Easy-to-use data mapper eliminates the need for IT to fulfill collection requests
  • Reduce eDiscovery costs by up to 90%
  • Use pre-collection analytics to improve collection responsiveness

New in eDiscovery Platform 8.3

Enhanced backup and recovery speed, reliability, and security

Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.3 helps you locate, process, and review your information faster and more securely than ever before.

  • Optimize storage and data visibility with new deduplication functionality
  • Maximize data security with the new password management utility and third-party component updates
  • Regain control of all your data, regardless of its format or complexity, with processing and export functionality enhancements
  • Reduce user downtime by up to 70% thanks to improved backup and restore times
  • Monitor the evolution of all cases simultaneously with the new Global Legal Hold functionality

Get an end-to-end EDRM solution

Conduct rapid Early Case Assessment and Review

The eDiscovery Platform provides your legal teams with intuitive tools to quickly assess case facts and set case strategy.

  • Get instant visibility into case metrics, the foundation of speedy reviews, with preprocessing analytics
  • Quickly identify groupings of like documents to improve reviewer efficiency with Find Similar functionality
  • Go from Legal Hold to Review with a single tool, eliminating import-export time and risk
  • Validate chain-of-custody and provide transparency with defensible reporting
  • Simplify document delivery with production and export capabilities


Learn how Transatlantic Reinsurance reduced costs and document review time.

Find the right information at the right time

Stay ahead of compliance requirements

The eDiscovery Platform provides an integrated collections, processing, and review interface to ensure your organization is ready to respond to its growing compliance workload.

  • Easily handle all compliance requests with automated workflows
  • Respond to regulatory requests regardless of file type with advanced search techniques
  • Automatically find and redact keywords, phrases, and personal information with our auto-redaction feature
  • Get accurate audio search and review capabilities with phonetic-based processing

Let information be your guide

Solidify your case strategy and uncover the facts

Reduce risks, costs, and headaches by using a single tool for all your investigation requirements.

  • Broaden the scope of your investigation by identifying addresses and inputs of all internal and external participants within an email thread with Email Discussion Thread View and Participant Pick functionality
  • Detect and extract embedded content across files with different names, formats, or creation dates
  • Uncover the true story behind an incident in one search by automatically identifying top related terms and code words with Concept Search functionality
  • Dive deeper into your data ecosystem by identifying, capturing, and analyzing similar files and pinpointing key differences between them with the Find Similar/Show Differences tool

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