Information Governance

Empower decision-making with information insight

Learn about Data Genomics and New Capabilities for Information Governance

Gain visibility. Expose risk.

Nearly 70% of all stored data contains no legal, regulatory, or business value.

Intelligence about your information’s age, location, and ownership provides the roadmap to effective decision-making.


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Take action. Execute decisions.

Leverage information insight to eliminate redundancy, deploy smart policies, and protect access to critical information.

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Assume control. Ensure governance.

Only 16% of companies indicate that business units are involved in developing information policies that will affect their business.

Successful Information Governance brings together the right people, processes, and technology to develop a sustainable strategy.

Information Governance Products

Data Insight

Data Insight is a file analysis solution that provides the tracking and reporting necessary to deliver organizational accountability for file usage and security.

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eDiscovery Platform

Veritas eDiscovery software makes it easy to cost effectively and defensibly find evidence and solve challenges across the eDiscovery lifecycle.

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Enterprise Vault & Enterprise

Veritas Enterprise Vault and Enterprise help automate retention management and supervision while simplifying eDiscovery over unstructured data.

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Information Map

The Veritas Information Map renders your unstructured data in visual context and guides you towards unbiased, information governance decision making.

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