Copy Data Management

Data without delays for the modern business

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Gain control of copy data

Copy data sprawl is estimated to cost IT organizations $50.63 billion dollars by 2019. The risk of unstructured data access increases as the number of copies grow without the ability to control access to those copies.

It’s time to take control of copy data, reclaim your storage, and return capital and operational expenditure, while driving innovation and implementing better data strategies that will enable operational agility while strengthening information governance.


Do more with your copy data

IT departments are constantly battling operational dilemmas when it comes to enabling access to data without generating a myriad of copies of the same data (copy data sprawl) to enable the business. This challenge is known amongst the industry as Copy Data Management.

What if you could do more with your data protection copies? What if you could make those copies available for test and development, or analytics by simply deploying data virtualization technology?

Watch this brief video from Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst at ESG to learn what you can do to create an agile modern data infrastructure. 

The new world of rapid data access

Fast cycle times play an important role in top-performing companies. It’s common to hear that test and development teams often wait days and sometimes weeks to obtain the data they need. This delay in obtaining data creates a Time To Access™ gap caused by the complex process of requesting, gaining permission, and provisioning storage.

Veritas data virtualization technology eliminates the time to access gap by providing authorized users rapid self-service access to data, when and where they need it. No more waiting, delays or resource dependencies associated with obtaining fresh data. Now you can accelerate application development with more accurate data resulting in improved efficiency, faster time to market, and a competitive edge.

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It’s time data worked for you

Rapid response to internal and external factors is a significant challenge for most organizations. Responding in an efficient and cost-effective method is even harder. Taking advantage of opportunities requires an organization to be nimble and agile. To support this goal, many IT groups have replaced traditional Waterfall development methodologies with Agile practices.

In this environment, more and more organizations seek faster release cycles. One of the main ways of achieving that objective is ensuring that test and development can get access to the right information, at the right time – not 3 weeks after the initial request. Data agility is critical in making this all possible.

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