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Maximizing Business Continuity Success

Investments in high availability and disaster recovery tools to support business continuity objectives often fall short of expectations when not managed well. They can even lead to a false sense of security, resulting in complacency in the face of insidious challenges until it is too late. IT professionals responsible for providing highly available environments to support critical business operations will do well to understand how risks such as configuration drift can render their best plans ineffective—and how they can address those challenges head-on.

Six Steps to Higher Service Availability

Testing is a key tool in the arsenal of business continuity professionals intended to ensure the success of their business continuity plans. But tests can be disruptive. They are also effort and resource intensive and usually not conducted very frequently. And when they are conducted they can fail to identify critical flaws in your environment exposing you to system downtime and data loss and compromising your ability to meet your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

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