Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion and Veritas Continuity

Recovery-as-a-Service now comes from the cloud

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Cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Now available in one flexible, cost-effective package

Your enterprise relies on information and the ability to access that information through business applications and partners. In today’s world IT-based business processes are critical, with acceptable downtime and allowable data loss shrinking at the speed of business.

HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity provides a flexible and highly cost-effective recovery as a service option for your business, so you can keep your systems up and your information flowing.

Top Five Reasons to Buy

Quick recovery for your data, and your budget

Five ways HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity helps

With HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity you can:

  • Maintain continuity and availability of your essential and critical business processes
  • Get robust protection of complex IT environments, incorporating traditional and cloud IT
  • Improve your continuity service levels greatly through our leveraged facilities, equipment, personnel, and processes—at a cost that’s typically up to 50 percent less than in-house solutions
  • Use our as-a-service billing model option that is based on monthly consumption
  • Maintain the agility and flexibility of your continuity solution to easily support changes in your IT environment, people, and business processes

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An eagle-eyed view of your continuity readiness

The HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity dashboard sees all

Get real time information about your continuity readiness and the current status of your environment via a universal dashboard showing the recovery status of all your sites, clouds, and systems under contract. Recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) targets are always aligned to workload criticality and required compliance.

Built on security best practices

A solution built for your business

HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity is based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion OpenStack hardened code, compliant to industry security best practices, and provides encryption for data at rest.

Regarding your requirements in data sovereignty and data residency, you get in-country data hosting by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion Continuity center nearest your location.

Adopt. Scale. Protect.

Choose software-defined resiliency for your hybrid clouds

Why should you adopt and scale HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity?  It’s an integrated delivery model for an OpenStack, cloud-based continuity solution that supports hybrid recovery environments—traditional IT and all kinds of clouds.

To be protected, workloads scale from small to very large numbers and adapt to seasonal demands.  Your workloads are portable on your request across various HPE Helion Continuity centers.

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