Public cloud recovery

One-click disaster recovery to the cloud

With Disaster Recovery Orchestrator, your organization has the flexibility to easily and affordably initiate disaster recovery and migrate applications to and from your primary data centers and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

  • Get fully automated, orchestrated end-to-end application recovery
  • Leverage a cost-effective approach to cloud use with a consolidated replication cloud target
  • Simplify deployment and ongoing management with a web-based dashboard

Recover quickly and predictably to the public cloud

Get one-click recovery to AWS or Azure

Want to automatically recover your business applications to the AWS or Azure public clouds? Using recovery control, automation, and replication capabilities, Disaster Recovery Orchestrator can reliably failover your applications to the cloud within minutes.

  • Reverse or takeover replication
  • Instantiate the application recovery VMs
  • Easily access replicated data
  • Start up applications and dependencies in the right order

Practice automated fire drills

Rest assured with automated, non-disruptive recovery testing

Once you’ve protected an application with Disaster Recovery Orchestrator, users can easily test if the configuration works by performing a fire drill. A fire drill tests the recovery of an application by bringing up a copy of the application and its replicated data in a fire drill network without disrupting your production environment.

  • Ensure business preparedness by taking a proactive stance
  • Eliminate all-hands-on-deck weekend testing and test anytime you need to
  • Prove compliance to internal and external stakeholders via automated reporting
  • Ensure consistent application and data recovery

Manage cloud disaster recovery with a single console

Use a web-based dashboard for easy deployment and management

The Disaster Recovery Orchestrator console is always available in the cloud and provides an end-to-end configuration wizard experience. With the console, you can easily manage all DR operations, including takeover, failback, fire drills, and reporting.

  • Know where to go to initiate a recovery with a ubiquitous management console available via any Web browser
  • Easily manage cloud compute, network, and storage services
  • Decide which apps to protect and how to configure replication settings

Resiliency Platform Information

Resiliency Platform will soon replace Disaster Recovery Orchestrator.

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