Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

One-click disaster recovery to the public cloud

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Recovery to the public cloud

Disaster Recovery Orchestrator enables businesses to automate and manage disaster recovery of Microsoft Windows-based applications residing on either physical or virtual machines to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud. Using Disaster Recovery Orchestrator to target the cloud for disaster recovery can reduce costs significantly, while helping you achieve stringent Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

With a single click, Disaster Recovery Orchestrator will automatically recover your business applications to the public cloud. Using its recovery control, automation, and replication capabilities, Disaster Recovery Orchestrator can perform a takeover within minutes.

When a disaster recovery (DR) event occurs, Disaster Recovery Orchestrator will automatically handle:

  • Replication reversal or takeover
  • Instantiation of the application recovery VMs
  • Accessibility of replicated data
  • Startup of the application and its dependencies in the correct order

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Cost-effective recovery

Most disaster recovery (DR) solutions have a one-to-one pairing between the source and the disaster recovery system or application targets. Disaster Recovery Orchestrator uses a consolidated replication target within your cloud subscription to eliminate the need for always-on application VMs. Application VMs are instantiated in the cloud only during the disaster recovery event. This approach significantly reduces the compute costs incurred within your cloud subscription.

Zero-downtime recovery rehearsals

Easily test application recovery readiness by performing a Fire Drill. Fire Drill lets you test the recovery of an application without disrupting your production environment. It does this by bringing up a copy of the application and its replicated data in a Fire Drill network. Disaster recovery testing gives you confidence in the consistency and recoverability of both your application and its associated data.

Centralized management console

The Disaster Recovery Orchestrator console is always available in the cloud, and provides an end-to-end configuration wizard experience. The console manages all DR operations, including takeover, failback, fire drill, and reporting.

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