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Ransomware is big business.

Led by the WannaCry attack on computers in 150 countries, global ransomware attacks rose 350 percent in 2017 over the previous year. Despite the global media attention, many organizations may not have adequate protection and could still be vulnerable to a ransomware attack.

With data split across physical and virtual environments, switching to a unified solution could be the best ransomware protection for businesses to protect their data.



Global ransomware damage costs predicted to exceed $8 Billion in 2018


Why NetBackup?

As the data protection market share leader, Veritas has over 30 years of experience managing information. Our flagship product, NetBackup, delivers unified data protection for cloud, virtual, physical and modern workloads.

Key features include:

  • New UI enables role-based access control to authorized users.
  • NetBackup with Access provides consistent end-to-end long-term data retention and protection—complete with classification and global deduplication features.
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery enables rapid recovery of data and applications following an attack.
  • Fast, flexible recovery prevents business failure.



Four actions to take right now.

Harden NetBackup servers

Ensure that NetBackup servers have the same level of protection as all other systems.

Update NetBackup software

Download and install the latest NetBackup version to ensure all known software vulnerabilities have been addressed.

Execute backups regularly

Resolve problems that prevent backups from successfully completing.

Test restores

Run tests restores on a periodic basis.

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