Desktop and Laptop Option

Automated file protection for desktops and laptops

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Continuous backup, regardless of connection

Bolster current policies using your existing infrastructure

The Desktop and Laptop Option is a network share–based protection and synchronization solution for Windows and Mac that enhances your current IT desktop and laptop protection policies using your existing IT infrastructure.

It enables continuous, nonintrusive backup of files, regardless of whether a computer is connected to the network (corporate or public) or offline.

Built with ease of use in mind, the Desktop and Laptop Option allows both small and large enterprises to:

  • Deploy with remarkable ease
  • Manage backup and recovery tasks centrally across the entire organization

Easy to interpret dashboard, impossible to ignore solution

Choose backups that work on your terms

With Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option, all your files can be backed up continuously on a schedule or manually to ensure the safety and security of data stored on desktops and laptops.

Additionally, the Administrator Dashboard is an easy to interpret, real-time interface that provides a graphical visualization of the Desktop and Laptop Option environment from operational, deployment, and capacity-planning perspectives.

Travel insurance for your data

Keep mobile data safe with offline backup and restore

When users are traveling, out of the office, or otherwise offline, any files they create are backed up to a local folder accessible to them for restore. Once network connectivity is restored, these files are backed up from the local folder to the designated network share. In the event of data loss or system failure, any file or folder can be quickly and easily restored.

When the computer is set to hibernate or sleep mode, Desktop and Laptop Option halts the backup job and resumes it when the computer is back from that state.


Safeguard desktop and laptop data

Data integrity depends on secure data transfer

The Automatic Integrity Checker (AIC) built into Desktop and Laptop Option ensures the reliability and integrity of your backed up data.  

Armed with AES 256-bit encryption, and compression for delta and deduplication backups and backup files, even when files are open, your colleagues can ensure secure data transfer from wherever they happen to be.

Quick Recovery to get you back on track

All you need is a web browser and mobile app

Desktop and Laptop Option provides quick access to backed up files using a web browser and a mobile application. Once the user is authenticated, the backed up data can be downloaded to desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Data can be restored by an administrator or end user, either to the same machine or any other target location. Alternatively administrators can create a user with restricted privileges for task delegation. The administrator can also delegate privileges to end users for self-data backup management.


Anywhere, anytime mobile recovery

Access backups without accessing a desktop or laptop.

With the Desktop and Laptop Option Mobile Application, users no longer have to be dependent on desktops or laptops to access their backed up files. Instead they can get instant access to their backed up data on their Android or iOS smart phones.

Synchronization for users with multiple computers

Access your files from wherever you need them.

With the synchronization capabilities built into Desktop and Laptop Option, users can now access their data from multiple computers at multiple locations. This means an executive working on a PowerPoint deck at a desktop in the office can now access the latest version of that file from her laptop, whether she’s at home, on the move, or visiting a client. 

Ensure the most up-to-date file versions are always available for all your colleagues, regardless of their location or what device they’re on.


Backup that scales, flexibility that stays the same

The Desktop and Laptop Option is a highly scalable product for multi-site environment and remote-site endpoint backup management. Product components can be installed on a single-server machine or multiple-server machines. 

  • Flexible deployment architecture options based on your size and needs of your organization.
  • Centralized management for dozens to thousands of desktops and laptops

The one source for comprehensive protection

Protect your data beyond the main office

With the Desktop and Laptop Option, users across your organization can rely on one source for comprehensive data protection for their Windows and Mac systems. Additionally, the Desktop and Laptop Option is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory®, which allows you to logically group users by department or function and customize parameters specific to each group's needs. Exclusive restore rights also ensure data privacy for VIP users.

Manage data growth. Reduce storage costs.

Store a single copy of duplicate data and save

Built-in global deduplication capabilities in the Desktop and Laptop Option can help you manage data growth and effectively reduce rising storage costs by storing only a single copy of duplicate data.

Desktop and Laptop Option also supports file-level deduplication and content-aware deduplication of Microsoft Outlook® PST and Lotus Notes® NSF files. This enables you to retain only one copy of a file or a PST or NSF attachment, which multiple users or computers may share.

  • Greatly reduce storage requirements.
  • Reduce bandwidth usage resulting in faster backups.
  • Keep storage at predictable levels. 

Maximize your utilization. Shrink your TCO.

A solution that works with what you already have

By automating the process of copying user data onto a network share, the Desktop and Laptop Option easily fits into your existing infrastructure. This reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) by maximizing utilization of current resources.

In addition, the unique design of the Desktop and Laptop Option helps you:

  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated server.
  • Remove the need to invest in additional hardware, personnel, and storage.

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