Ransomware Protection for all your data, everywhere? Just BE.

Ransomware. It’s big, it’s dangerous, and it’s here to stay.

That makes Data Protection a bigger, more crucial issue than ever before.

Especially for smaller businesses, whose very survival is potentially at stake. No wonder so many are currently protecting themselves with three or four separate backup products – with more data, scattered across more locations, at greater risk, they need to be sure.

But what they really need is a single, unified solution. One that protects all their data, in all their systems, across all their environments. Physical, Virtual AND Cloud.

And that means they need Backup Exec from Veritas. Just BE.

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eBook | How Ransom-Ready Are You?

The global data meltdown caused by the Wannacry cyber attack could so easily have been mitigated or even avoided altogether…

Download the Veritas BEBook and find out how.

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Free Webinar

Ransomware Protection: Five Best Practices

Free webinar, available now, featuring Forrester senior analyst Christopher Sherman and Backup Exec expert Barnaby Wood. We look at the most common targets for ransomware and how you can use five basic principles to prevent it affecting your organization

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BE Informed: Resources

What’s All The Protection Racket?

Just how big a threat is ransomware? Really? Cut to the numbers that really count with our at-a-glance infographic

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No Retreat, No Surrender

Pay up or go down? Neither. Now there’s a clear alternative to caving in and paying out to the data-nappers.

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3 – 2 – 1 We Have Lift Off

Discover the 3 vital steps to mitigating the rising risk of ransomware.

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Best Practice Makes Perfect

BE Protected. Skill up on the best practices for avoiding falling victim to the ransomware racketeers.

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