Information Studio

A comprehensive intelligent data platform to address data-related challenges.

Learn how to mitigate privacy risk and exploit valuable data.
See how we're providing an intelligent way to handle data security challenges.
See how the Veritas Information Classifier is enabling a path to data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Dig into data with data classification.

Information Studio provides clear visibility, targeted analysis and informed action on data to identify areas of waste, risk and value.

With the power to organize data and take informed action, organizations can be confidently prepared to handle security concerns, new regulations and continuous data growth to ultimately regain control of their data.

Featured Highlights   

Ease of use

Summary data: View a summary of the total, orphaned, stale and non-business data as well as their respective yearly costs.

Data filters: Dive into a specific location, file server, share, owner, classification tag or any combination of the available filters.

Global view: See a geographic orientation of all data that has been connected across cloud and on-premises data sources.

Dashboard View

The dashboard provides a customizable view of details about the data collected from both cloud and on-prem data sources. Authorized users can customize the view by any combination of available filters including location, content sources, owner, file type, sizes, extensions, classification tag, rules or sources.

Classification Engine

Authorized users can select from over 100 preconfigured classification policies that identify information required for common data privacy and regulatory compliance. Custom policies can also be created to identify files containing information that is important to your business.