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Digital Compliance Fall Portfolio Release Webinar. One Platform. Complete Discovery.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 8 a.m. PDT

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Our Advanced eDiscovery platform seamlessly integrates over 120+ of today's most popular apps, helping you find the information you're looking for no matter where it lives. Collect only the information you need to speed up early case assessment, drive down review costs, and save precious time while preventing costly regulatory fines.

The latest Veritas Digital Compliance Fall release enables teams to:

  • Collect messages, files, images, and more in their native formats through API-based integrations.
  • Extract rich metadata through simultaneous ML processing and indexing.
  • Pinpoint information across 120+ applications from one access point.
  • Discover what Matters - Optimize eDiscovery, supervision, and regulatory compliance to automatically identify the most relevant content.
  • eDiscovery review tailored to content source
  • Classification driven supervision
  • Metadata enrichment in rich, native view

During this webcast and informative demo, you’ll hear from our product leadership and governance experts; David Scott, Irfan Shuttari and Ramin Yazdi, about our latest product releases and major enhancements across our Digital Compliance portfolio:

  • Veritas Advanced eDiscovery
  • Veritas Advanced Supervision
  • Veritas Information Classifier
  • Merge1 for Amazon Chime and YouTube

Join us to learn more about how Veritas is the market leader in providing One Platform, Complete Discovery through a suite of data governance, compliance, and eDiscovery solutions, enabling compliance peace of mind.



David Scott
Director, Product Management, Veritas

Irfan Shuttari
Sr. Principal Product Manager, Veritas