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Veritas™ helps you extract even more value from your data with 360 Data Management.

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When it comes to multi-cloud Disaster Recovery, ensure you have a strategy you can count on.


Using different clouds for different business applications, is increasingly common, but if a disaster occurs, can you get your data back quickly and easily? Veritas Resiliency Platform helps organizations proactively and predictably ensure business resiliency across multi-cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Before you use the public cloud for disaster recovery, read this.

When you use cloud storage for unstructured data, what are the service provider’s responsibilities for DR? How are your DR policies executed in a multi-cloud environment? Find out how to expand your storage vendor partners without losing control of your DR readiness.

Disaster Recovery for the Multi-Cloud.

Avoiding unplanned downtime is critical to your business’ success. But in this era of multi-cloud adoption, who’s responsibility is it? In this webinar, learn what you need to do to ensure maximum uptime for your business services with a single approach that works regardless of your chosen cloud platform or vendor.


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