Ransomware Protection



Five Best Practices


Ransomware is skyrocketing because it is lucrative and requires minimal skill. In today’s business world, ransomware makes a lot of sense for hackers; it has an excellent return on investment and takes very little cyber skill time. In this Forrester webinar, Christopher Sherman will look at the most common targets for ransomware and how you can prevent this affecting your organization.

Forrester will talk through the five basic principles to be mindful of when preventing an attack such as; protection against known ransomware vulnerabilities, protection against phishing, malvertisements threats, ensuring the right network-level protections are in place and bullet-proofing backup and recovery practices.

Through this webinar we will explore the broader shifts that are key drivers to reducing ransomware risks, examine some of the approaches and best practices that enable security and technology professionals to keep up.

Chris Sherman - Senior Analyst, Forrester  

Chris Sherman
Senior Analyst, Forrester

Chris is a senior analyst serving Security & Risk (S&R) Professionals. His research focuses on helping S&R pros make strategic decisions regarding endpoint security (laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets) and data privacy, such as how to secure employee-owned devices while meeting industry compliance standards.

Barnaby Wood - Global Product Marketing, Veritas  

Barnaby Wood
Global Product Marketing, Veritas

Barnaby is a senior product marketing manager with responsibility for data protection solutions in the growing and mid-market business segment, with a specific focus on helping organizations to overcome every day and extra-ordinary threats to business, whilst also delivering the flexibility to meet protection requirements demanded by the introduction of new and multi-layered cloud infrastructures.


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