Nordic Web Campus

Solving your most important data protection problems


Veritas Nordic Web Campus is a series of short, 30 minute webinars tailored for the Nordic markets. You will learn about new and interesting ways in which Veritas solutions can help you protect and manage your data, gain insights, and keep your applications available and performing at their best. Find out more on these sessions and pick the most suitable for you and tune in while enjoying your coffee break!


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Session #1: Protecting Microsoft 365

Are you protected against data loss in your SaaS applications? Veritas SaaS Backup delivers comprehensive Microsoft 365, Gsuite, Salesforce and Dynamics 365 protection with a 5 minute setup time.

Session #2: Dark Data Assessment

Identify personal data, locate potential ransomware and optimize storage with Veritas Dark Data Assessment

Session #3: Aptare for Storage Optimization

How to use Aptare to optimize data center resources to improve utilization and performance.

Session #4: Aptare for Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risk using APTARE IT Analytics for your Storage and Backup Infrastructure.

Session #5: How to achieve High Availability for SAP Hana in the Cloud

Achieve High Availability for SAP Hana in the Cloud.

Session #6: Meet your Oracle SLA in the most cost effective way

How to make your Oracle database Highly Available and improve performance using Veritas InfoScale.

Session #7: Risk Reduction and Visibility Into Unstructured Data /  Nordic Databerg 2020 Revisited

Reducing risks with full visibility of your data with Veritas Information Studio. Introduction on Nordic Databerg 2020 results: The Nordic Databerg 2020 is independently conducted survey of 100 Nordic IT leaders across multiple sectors to gain insight into how Nordic organizations are handling the growing Databerg.

Session #8: How to build your Tiered Backup Storage - Use Cases

How to set up your Backup Environment to effectively tier your backups to different storage levels.

Dates: August 19 and August 21, 2020 | 10:30 am CEST

Session #9: How to backup your Public instances

How to configure Veritas CloudPoint for public cloud workloads.

Dates: August 26 and August 28, 2020 | 10:30 am CEST

Session #10: Making sure your Backups are Disaster proofed

Configure AIR or Cloud Catalyst and do Disaster Recovery of your Netbackup Master Server.

Dates: September 2 and September 4, 2020 | 10:30 am CEST

Session #11: How to backup to the Cloud

How do you protect your on-prem to a cloud based solution?

Dates: September 9 and September 11, 2020 | 10:30 am CEST

Session #12: Appliance Update

Hear the latest news and updates about the Veritas Appliance family.

Dates: September 16 and September 19, 2020 | 10:30 am CEST