Unlock the true value of your data with Integrated Data Management.

As an IT professional, you know the sheer amount of data you’re managing is growing with each passing year. Along with that, you’re also under more pressure to unlock the full potential of that data. To achieve this, you need a new approach.  

Data Management is a comprehensive approach that can turn your data into your most competitive asset. It gives you the visibility you need to unlock the valuable insights your data can provide when you address data protection, workload portability, storage optimization, business continuity and compliance readiness.


Download: Taking a Data Management Approach.


Download the white paper and discover how you can start unlocking even more value from your data.


Start your Data Management journey with Veritas™ NetBackup Appliances.


The right backup appliance provider can help put you on a path to Data Management by simplifying data management – it’s a great place to start to deliver results for your organization. Discover how you can potentially deliver greater cost savings, business agility, ease of use, availability and risk reduction with the right backup appliance provider.


Forrester Wave™: Data Resiliency Solutions.

Veritas is a leader in backup and recovery. Download the 2017 Forrester report, an evaluation of data resiliency solution providers, and see how Veritas ranks.


Veritas NetBackup Appliances: Key Factors in Modernizing Backup and Recovery.

Discover the trends that have made modernizing backup and recovery a priority, key considerations for moving to a backup appliance model and the unique capabilities of Veritas NetBackup Appliances.

Discover ways to store and access unstructured data with refreshing independence.


Effective management of your growing unstructured data requires more than just storage. Veritas Access enables your organization to offer easily managed data access regardless of where it resides—on-premises, off-premises, or in the cloud. And now you the choice of deployment options, software only or appliance. Experience the freedom of Access today.


Next-Generation SDS Tackles File-Based Storage.

Growing levels of unstructured data impacting your organization? Hear from IDC and discover what a next-generation storage solution can offer your business.


Veritas Access Appliance Overview.

Long-term data retention options can be costly, or inflexible. Veritas Access Appliance provides on-premises retention plus cloud storage options without stifling your independence.

When it comes to multi-cloud Disaster Recovery, ensure you have a strategy you can count on.


Using different clouds for different business applications, is increasingly common, but if a disaster occurs, can you get your data back quickly and easily? Veritas Resiliency Platform helps organizations proactively and predictably ensure business resiliency across multi-cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Before you use the public cloud for disaster recovery, read this.

When you use cloud storage for unstructured data, what are the service provider’s responsibilities for DR? How are your DR policies executed in a multi-cloud environment? Find out how to expand your storage vendor partners without losing control of your DR readiness.

Disaster Recovery for the Multi-Cloud.

Avoiding unplanned downtime is critical to your business’ success. But in this era of multi-cloud adoption, who’s responsibility is it? In this webinar, learn what you need to do to ensure maximum uptime for your business services with a single approach that works regardless of your chosen cloud platform or vendor.


Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud.

Data Visibility

Get a global view of your information environment to make informed decisions and reduce risk.

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Digital Compliance

Prepare for the GDPR, identify vulnerabilities, automate data retention and classification.

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Business Continuity

Keep your business running with automated, predictable resiliency and monitoring.

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Classification, Discovery,
Policy Automation

Data Protection

Help ensure backup and recovery for any workload. Enable self-service access to virtual data copies.

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Data and Workload Portability

Enable seamless migration and movement to and from the multi-cloud and avoid lock-in.

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Storage Optimization

Break the ties to expensive hardware with SDS to reduce cost and improve performance.

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