Regulatory compliance isn’t an option–it’s a requirement.









New deadlines are right around the corner, like May 2018 to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Maybe you know how the GDPR will change the way you manage data. But is your organisation actually ready to comply?

Veritas can help launch your GDPR-readiness journey.

Introducing 360 Data Management for GDPR.

Enterprise-Ready Compliance to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

The first step in GDPR compliance is gaining visibility into the personal data you hold. To understand how you process and manage that data, you need to be able to map where it's stored, who can access it, and how long you've kept it.

Under the GDPR, any EU citizen can request to see all their personal data and ask that it be corrected, moved or even deleted. Ensuring your organisation can respond to these requests in a timely manner is critical.

The GDPR requires you to keep personal data only for the amount of time related to the reason you're holding it. Applying suitable retention policies that automate deletion is key in GDPR compliance.

The GDPR requires you to protect personal data from damage, loss or breach. Establishing transparency into your data protection and security processes will ensure you can fulfil audits and compliance requests.

To comply with the GDPR, you need to be able to uncover data breaches and notify the authorities within 72 hours. It's critical to have the right investigative tools to spot risky behaviors.

Getting to compliance is easier with a true GDPR solution.

To jumpstart your compliance efforts, we've created a solution that links our market-leading technologies with GDPR-specific guidance from our Professional Services advisors.

We pinpoint your GDPR maturity.

Achieving regulatory compliance can be tricky without a concrete plan. Our custom GDPR Readiness Assessment will benchmark your organisation's preparedness and create a roadmap, so you can devise realistic next steps.

We provide visibility into all your data.

Mapping and managing data you can't see is impossible. Our easy-to-use data visualisation helps you uncover what's hidden, identify risks and accurately classify all personal data, so you have the intelligence to meet every compliance scenario.

We help protect your data with smart policies.

Retaining and deleting data with confidence requires insight into what you have and what you should keep. Our smart policies help orchestrate your retention strategy and provide custom workflows plus an audit trail, so you can track and report activities based on real facts.