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Integrated Enterprise Data Services Platform solves the problems point solutions create

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More than just backup, Veritas is 360 Data Management

Veritas empowers its customers to build off their existing investment in NetBackup – not just providing scalable protection for hybrid environments – but also solving challenges around copy data sprawl, information insight and availability of business data. Veeam is just backup & recovery.

NetBackup scales with your business

Veeam's configuration contains different components and extremely complex sizing calculations for components such as proxy servers. Veritas NetBackup scales from hundreds to thousands of VMs without the use of multiple domains and delivers better performance while satisfying demanding RPO and RTO SLAs. Combined with Veritas Resiliency Platform, Veritas NetBackup helps meet service-level objectives of business services across both physical and virtual infrastructures.

Flexible modern deployment models to fit your needs

As a software-only solution, Veeam is limited to the Windows operating system. This poses 5 key challenges for their customers: 1) Complex deployment design; 2) Higher TCO for infrastructure requirements; 3) Security hardening of the infrastructures; 4) Patches & upgrades of Windows on multiple VMs; and 5) Increasing complex scalability guidelines. Veritas NetBackup is available in multiple form factors, including software, virtual appliances and highly scalable integrated appliances – providing customers with a choice of consumption options, flexible deployment models, and operating systems.


Easily backup to the cloud

According to a recent study on the State of the Hybrid Cloud, with 23% of enterprises using four or more cloud infrastructure platforms today, you may be surprised to learn that Veeam does not have direct integration with the public cloud. NetBackup offers integration with over 40 major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and more.

Up to 50:1 dedupe reduction ratio

Veeam's deduplication ratio is 3:1 with compression and without a deduplication appliance. Veeam supports only fixed-length dedeuplicaiton and in many cases recommends a third-party deduplication appliance for global deduplication, which creates considerable cost and complexity. NetBackup has true global, block-level end-to-end deduplication across virtual, physical and cloud, requiring less back-end storage while improving both backup and restore performance.


You can't protect what you can't see

With more than 30% of customer data listed as redundant, obsolete or trivial, visibility into your data is key. As a unified data protection solution across all workloads, NetBackup goes beyond just backup and recovery, and has detailed knowledge about your data. That data comes to life via Veritas Information Studio data visualisation – allowing you to quickly identify areas of risk, value or waste. Point backup & recovery solutions like Veeam are unsuited to supporting the next generation requirements for advanced information insight and data management.

Automated DR with less cost and overhead

Veeam Availability Orchestrator is focused on VMware infrastructure and does not support any other hypervisors or storage-array replication. Instead, Veeam forces customers to rely on complex scripting or manual steps for DR orchestration. Veritas NetBackup's intelligent policies protection automates asset discovery, and integrates with Veritas Resiliency Platform to enable recovery of the customer's business from a potential disaster in a single click. In addition, NetBackup CloudCatalyst provides seamless automated cloud replication and DR for both workloads and NetBackup infrastructure at lower costs and management overhead. Veritas Flex Appliances offer automated Active-Active high availability for business continuity.