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An open, software-defined approach to managing your data

The march of software-defined continues with no let-up in sight. Dell EMC offers software-defined storage, but at the same time states "converged infrastructure reduces the time and the cost of deploying, configuring and managing hardware and software components separately". At heart, Dell EMC is essentially an enterprise hardware company that bundles its software solutions into hardware, thus the true price tag is often overlooked or hidden. Will these closed system solutions support the breadth of your on-premises and cloud storage options over the next two to five years? Being hardware-agnostic, Veritas is not constrained by a hardware-based storage agenda.

Focus on data value instead of just data storage

Dell EMC touts data protection storage for companies and environments of all sizes. However, not all data is created equal and without data visualisation, Dell EMC is not able answer basic questions such as: “Is my information protected appropriately?” “When can data be deleted?” “Should we move less valuable data to lower cost options and highly active data to highly available locations?”

Data is fragmented across cloud, physical and virtual environments. According to the Databerg report, 54% of organisation data is dark or unknown. Better control over data protection demands better insight in data, which Veritas NetBackup provides by integrating with Information Studio. And by integrating with APTARE, customers can deep dive into protection risks and understand the steps needed to mitigate risks. Dell EMC does not offer any direct visibility into primary or backup data. VERITAS Information Studio provides content classification visibility across Documentum, Box, Amazon, Azure Blob, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Cloud as compared to Veritas Information Studio, whereas Dell EMC does not.

Energy efficient performance

Dell EMC's performance is dependent on controller power, which comes at the cost of energy efficiency. Veritas NetBackup Appliances are Energy Star Certified* and utilise 15% less power than Data Domain. Veritas NetBackup offers application-optimised, intelligent fixed, variable global deduplication at 50:1 ratio (application-dependent).

End-to-end cloud ready

Veritas NetBackup supports cloud storage integration with major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and more. Dell EMC Data Domain CloudTier does not support AWS Glacier or Azure Deep Archive, which prevents customers from using lower-cost long-term retention and increasing TCO. Veritas NetBackup CloudCatalyst and Auto Image Replication shares CloudCatalyst provides seamless automated cloud replication and DR for both workloads and NetBackup infrastructure, reducing costs and management overhead.


One product integrated to perform

Prospects not planning to adopt Data Domain appliances should be aware that the value propositions of NetWorker and Avamar weaken without Data Domain. NetBackup Appliances are an out-of-the box, integrated solution that do what Avamar, Networker and Data Domain do combined.

Ensure predictable resiliency and availability across hybrid clouds

Dell EMC lacks robust disaster recovery tools that fully automate the recovery of complex workloads and applications. The administrator must deploy and maintain separate solutions to perform a single task. Predictably managing business uptime in a 24/7 world is a major issue facing organisations today. Predictable business resiliency from Veritas helps organisations maintain business uptime while delivering predictable recovery via fully automated resiliency operations for failover, failback, migration, data transport and recovery testing across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Direct integration of Veritas Resiliency Platform with NetBackup delivers predictable resilience for applications across all service level objectives – from seconds to minutes, and hours to days. This integrated approach reduces manual procedures and environmental fragmentation as well as OPEX costs, and at the same time keeps extended downtime risk to a minimum. It also delivers holistic visibility into IT health so organisations can be confident they are meeting defined service levels.

More than just storage, Veritas has integrated enterprise data services

Dell EMC® is correct that a modern data centre is needed to help drive digital business transformation. But Dell EMC’s answer to this focuses on continuously adding more storage and infrastructure, locking you into closed systems and higher costs. Is this crude, hardware-centric approach what you really need?

Veritas delivers software-based converged enterprise data management that empowers organisations to manage their data smartly in a hybrid cloud world. This integrated enterprise data services approach not only provides scalable protection for hybrid environments, it also solves challenges around copy data sprawl, information insight & governance, availability of business data and applications, and controlling storage costs.