Reduce risk through data visualisation

Today's corporate environment is fast-growing, often fragmented and overwhelmingly complex. Organisations face daily questions about whether information is protected appropriately, whether data can or should be deleted and whether they're missing cheaper storage opportunities. Veritas Information Map helps address these challenges by providing an immersive visual experience to give you insight into your unstructured data.

  • Aggregate a comprehensive view of your global information environment
  • Identify areas of risk, areas of value, areas of waste and areas of further interest
  • Reduce the unnecessary costs of useless-data storage
  • Prioritise heightened risk areas for further investigation 



Gain immediate visibility

Get a complete perspective faster than any scan or index

  • Find file type, ownership, age and location in as little as 24 hours
  • Get a real-time picture of your environment with continuous monitoring
  • Mine a centralised, granular view of your data inventory regardless of platform or infrastructure, including files stored within VM images and snapshots

Match policies to data

Design accurate backup policies

  • Eliminate unnecessary backups or increase their frequency based on data change rates
  • Reduce data retention and backup storage requirements to lower costs and risk
  • Ensure headquarters and remote site backup policies are aligned by juxtaposing locations

Predict capacity demands

Forecast future protection and storage needs

  • React immediately to accurately expand or reduce capacity by area
  • Confidently plan cloud migration projects
  • Accommodate special users or locales with heavy demand

What’s New in Information Map?

Gain visibility into S3 buckets with new advanced features

Veritas now allows organizations to gain visibility into all information stored within the AWS Simple Storage Services (S3) buckets.
Organizations can now have an end-to-end view of their environment, both on-premises and in the cloud.

With our new features, you can now:

  • Minimize storage costs in the cloud by identifying aged or obsolete data
  • Identify PST files in a handful of clicks and migrate them to Enterprise Vault
  • Perform granular analysis of millions of file types
  • Capture and publish insights in a single click operation

Access a complete data inventory fast

Leverage rich insights in a cloud metadata repository

One of the toughest challenges to getting consistent access to unstructured data is an organisation's need to scan or index petabytes of data. Veritas takes a fundamentally different approach using the Veritas products already reaching, managing and storing that unstructured data. The resulting Information Map is delivered as a cloud service, built in the Veritas™ cloud environment and designed using the Veritas information fabric technology.

  • Manage a single platform layer applications can contribute intelligence to and consume from
  • Gain immediate insight without scanning source data
  • Efficiently  collect the latest metadata via Veritas NetBackup

Dynamically navigate through your data

Make better-informed decisions via visual justification

In a recent survey, Veritas customers said gaining visibility and better insight into their data is of great value. That's why we designed and optimised the interface of the Information Map for easy visibility. You can narrow, explode or adjust views and information as needed to understand the nature of the data you're viewing.

  • Experience a geographic orientation of your data,
  • View data by file server, by share, by user or any combination
  • Orient the dashboard to match your preferences through malleable tiles

Save the data that actually needs saving

See why not all data is created equal

We've optimised all filtering activities in the Information Map for real-time interaction, so that you can quickly identify areas of risk, areas of value and areas of waste across your entire storage environment. By using these interactive and visual insights, you can pursue new business cases with better intelligence about what exactly you own.

  • Make intelligent storage decisions about things like decommissioning servers and shares with little activity
  • Address stale data by identifying information that's old or no longer in use
  • Handle retention management efforts like identifying PSTs for migration
  • Meet legal and compliance requirements like focusing eDiscovery collections on custodian data sets

Apply backup policies intelligently

Protect your data according to its value

Organisations must associate appropriate protection policies with the data that truly needs protection. Information Map offers quick filters for identifying orphaned, stale, or non-business data plus granular filters for age, size and item type. We've optimised all filtering activities for real-time interaction, so you can quickly assess the nature of the data you're protecting in NetBackup.

  • Eliminate unnecessary backups or increase their frequency based on data change rates
  • Reduce data retention and backup storage requirements to lower costs and risk
  • Ensure headquarters and remote site backup policies are aligned by juxtaposing locations

Anticipate resource and risk prevention needs

Be better prepared with data trend, ownership and location information

With insight into the timing of data creation, organisations can view real-time global capacity status and quickly adjust to changing resource or activity demands. Using ownership information, you can also proactively ensure adherence to privacy regulations when deciding to move to cloud.

  • Associate potential custodians with their data to help legal teams focus collection efforts
  • Increase protection of priority and high-activity shares
  • Investigate and shut down rogue applications working within the server or share

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