Announcing The Global Databerg Report: See what others don't


For businesses around the world, information can be their most valuable asset, and with that belief, they are creating and storing it at an ever-increasing rate. Technology has only accelerated the growth, allowing us to do things faster, send bigger files, develop more content and store it on an array of devices. Due to a data hoarding culture and an indifferent attitude to retention policy these organizations are creating their very own 'Databerg'.

To illuminate the existence and danger of this 'Databerg', Veritas recently commissioned one of the largest global independent research reports into enterprise data management. The findings confirm the huge amounts of dark data companies have, with little knowledge of what it contains and highlights the issues and risks associated with allowing data growth to continue unabated.

Along with the recently announced Data Genomics Index, which delivered industry first, accurate metrics on business data composition, Veritas is committed to providing unique perspectives on enterprise information management with solutions to help reduce the risk, cost and complexity of governing data.

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The Global Databerg survey reveals exclusive findings from one of the largest independent research reports into organisational data management. Covering 2,550 senior IT decision makers across 22 countries, the study reveals the attitudes and behaviours that are fuelling the data explosion – and what Veritas can do to help.

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In addition to the global report, you can read a country level executive summary of the results, and guidance to regain control of your company data.

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