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Unstructured data governance

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Unstructured data analytics

Holding users accountable for file usage and security.

You see a growing sense of urgency to gain control of costs associated with storing and maintaining information along with a need to reduce the compliance and security risks. But where do you start? Most of the information is dark data—no one really knows who the owner is and whether it's business relevant or not.

Veritas Data Insight helps organisations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs, reduce risk and achieve compliance through actionable intelligence into data ownership, usage and access controls. The reporting, analytics and visualisation capabilities in Data Insight give organisations an understanding of what data exists, how it is being used, who owns it and who has access to it. With Data Insight you can: 

  • Automate governance through workflows and customisation
  • Drive efficiencies and cost savings in your unstructured data environment
  • Maintain regulatory compliance for information access, use and retention
  • Protect confidential information from unauthorised use and exposure

Gartner Market Guide for File Analysis Software

Gartner discusses how file analysis software enables better information management decisions

According to Gartner, by 2020 50% of large enterprises will have adopted file analysis, up from 10% today. This market guide evaluates the current market and vendor landscape, making best practice recommendations for implementing your own file analysis solution.

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File security and governance are synonymous

Veritas Data Insight and Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Protecting unstructured data against loss and misuse is a vital component to a data governance program. With the intuitive web-based interface in Data Insight, you can understand who is accessing data and how often they are accessing it for the purpose of investigations. The Data Insight data use policy alerts help identify anomalous user activity or irregular activity on sensitive data.

Data Insight integrates with Data Loss Prevention to discover sensitive data, identify data owners and understand permissions and detailed access history to enable an effective data protection process. Data Loss Prevention can assess which folders are at greatest risk and supports automated user notifications to facilitate data cleanup.

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Monitor access compliance

Not everyone should access everything

Organisations need to remain compliance on data use and entitlement policies driven by external regulation as well as internal audit.

Data Insight creates a detailed audit trail of who accessed which data and when changes were made to help organisations document confidentiality and integrity of data access for compliance. Data Insight identifies data owners and custodians that need to be engaged for policy and compliance efforts. Leveraging the data ownership identification and access permissions visibility, Data Insight can automate the process of user access or entitlements review—a requirement for regulatory compliance. Its flexible query interface can be used for business process integration and third-party application and workflow support.

Data governance effort nets customer ISE Award

Data governance effort nets customer ISE Award BNY Mellon Wins with Data Insight Project

BNY Mellon won a prestigious industry award, the Information Security Executive (ISE) North America Project of the Year in the Commercial Category, with the use of Data Insight for their unstructured data governance project. By implementing Data Insight, BNY Mellon's Risk and Compliance Group was able to develop a governance process to provide security and user access certifications for high-risk data stored in network shared drives, which are scrutinised by regulatory agencies, as well as external and internal auditors. 

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Defining information risk

Expose the risk hidden in your data

Organisations move application workloads from one operating system platform to another for multiple reasons, including lower costs and better operating system performance. However, an operating system migration is often a tedious and time-consuming project that typically requires an application outage, which could result in lost revenue or employee productivity. InfoScale Storage addresses these challenges by making the same set of data accessible to UNIX and Linux operating systems while keeping applications available. With Portable Data Containers, administrators can export data from one operating system and import it on another in minutes, without ever creating a copy or moving the data, resulting in less downtime.

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Targeting user risk

Data Insight 5.1 focuses on users

The latest version of Data Insight introduces features that enable data governance by giving you greater insight and control over your data.  It focuses on a user-centric lens for unstructured data—enabling administrators to monitor and track the file activity, access, and behaviour trends of particular employees. In addition, access permissions search and tracking provide insights for access risks and compliance.  

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Investigate behavioural risk

What if you knew that on average your employees read 10 files a day and then noticed a particular employee suddenly read 10,000?  That might be cause for concern. Anomalous behaviour can often be benign, but in some cases it is an indication of employees, vendors, or contractors acting in a malicious—or at the very least suspicious—manner. Big data analytics in Data Insight provide the power and process for advanced anomaly detection on a big-data cluster.  Administrators can capture file and user activity for billions of actions and use big data capabilities to create trend lines and identify strange 

Automated file governance

Enterprise Vault and Data Insight working together

Simplify the decision-making process associated with growing unstructured data. Veritas provides an integrated File Governance solution to help organisations assess the value of their information assets and execute decisions regarding information protection and deletion. 

Veritas delivers File Governance through native integration of Data Insight and Enterprise Vault File System Archiving (i.e., EV FSA).  You can realise the most value from this solution by leveraging Data Insight to classify your information based on ownership, age and access.  Upon classification, you are able to analyse your file system characteristics and develop policies for eliminating waste and reducing risk through multiple use cases. 

  • Data Classification for Retention and Retrieval: Identify what should be kept, for how long, and what should be defensibly deleted
  • Data Centre Migration: Locate sensitive data and provide additional protection during migrations
  • Backup Window Remediation: Eliminate stale data to reduce overall volume for backup
  • File System Discovery: Cull outdated files from discoverable sources and improve review speeds 
  • User Access Permissions: Identify permissive shares and lock down sensitive information   
  • Establish Departmental Chargeback: Evaluate departmental storage spend and drive accountability

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Govern unstructured data chaos into clarity

Don't let information risk destroy your company

Of all data that organisations store, 69% contains no legal, regulatory or business value, and 52% of corporate information that requires protection is not currently protected.

Without a proactive approach to understanding what you have, where it is and what kind of value is associated with it, the risk that is hiding in your data could destroy your company.  Watch the video to see what we mean. 

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