New Innovations for Information Governance


Announcing the Inaugural Data Genomics Index and Breakthrough Product Enhancements

The business world is struggling to manage exponential data growth. Most organisations try and keep up by adding just enough storage capacity to contain the data deluge, but in the process they tend to lose visibility into their actual environment and become exposed to tremendous risk.

To help organisations overcome these challenges, Veritas is excited to announce a new research initiative focused on uncovering the truth behind the data that organisations store. Additionally, Veritas is proud to announce new product innovations that will help organisations have better visibility into their data and begin to take action to clean up their environment.

Recent Announcements

The Data Genomics Index is a first-of-its-kind benchmark analysis of data stored within a typical company environment. This report reveals insights into data growth, data age, and data type, providing organisations with a comparison standard for beginning to take action on their data.

In addition to the Index, Veritas has founded the Data Genomics Project. This community of like-minded data scientists, industry experts and thought leaders will come together to bring the true nature of enterprise environments to the surface, build the data genome that matters for information management, and share the discussion with a world struggling to solve tremendous data growth challenges.

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Enterprise Vault 12 introduces a centralised, high-performance, highly flexible classification framework that simplifies identifying meaningful or regulated information while deleting the non-essential. Additionally, this release includes Intelligent Review, a new approach for streamlining supervision of archived content by using a continuously learning engine.

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Data Insight 5.1 introduces new support for Box, delivering the broadest ability to identify sensitive information across the company, from on-premise storage to the most popular cloud options. It also offers enhanced remediation workflows to make access and permissions changes as automated and repeatable as possible, with easy access via a self-service portal.

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Organisations that can understand their environment, apply classification policies based on the nature of their data, and identify opportunities to reduce their risk exposure are prepared to successfully execute their information governance strategy and unlock the value in their information.