Cloud Migration

Seamless workload migration to public clouds

Cloud migration can be expensive and exhaustive, depending on workload complexity and data size. Also, cloud lock-in is a valid concern. Veritas CloudMobility helps ensure seamless and automated workload migration to your public cloud of choice. If you change your mind, simply migrate back to on-premises or another cloud.

  • Seamless workload migration with easy, single-click operations
  • Migration assurance with non-disruptive and automated rehearsals
  • If required, option to migrate out of the cloud or to another cloud

Migration Readiness

Ensure successful migration

  • Execute single-click, non-disruptive testing to ensure migration success
  • Gain automated clean up to quickly release resources without manual effort

Migration Simplification

Get single-click migration

  • Seamlessly migrate even complex workloads with a single click
  • Ensure faster migration for workloads including IO intensive applications with direct integration into AWS Elastic Block Storage and Microsoft Azure Managed Disk

Migration Safeguard

Always be prepared

  • Option to exit back to on-premises if required
  • Migrate to another cloud to gain cost benefits for the business

Smoothly migrate business workloads

Easily migrate workloads to and from AWS

Now you can count on seamless migration of business workloads between your data centre and the Amazon Web Services cloud. Direct integration of Resiliency Platform with AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) speeds up migration, so you can confidently meet all your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

  • Seamlessly migrate workloads between on-premises locations and AWS
  • Boost migration times with direct integration to Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Ensure migration success with non-disruptive and automated migration rehearsals

Ensure migration success

Rest easy with automated, non-disruptive migration testing

Before spending time, effort and dollars migrating workloads, it's essential to ensure a positive outcome. Without a way to test that migration will work and that your workloads will work optimally in the cloud, you may be leaving things to chance. You need to be able to test migration before run time.

  • Execute single-click, non-disruptive migration testing to ensure successful migration
  • Automated clean up to quickly release resources without manual effort

Get real visibility into business health

Gain deep holistic visibility from a single dashboard

Don't let your business decisions suffer from fragmented visibility into your IT health posture. Get complete, round-the-clock visibility and reporting of your migration status from a single pane of glass.

  • Check the high-level status of migration strategy via a web-based dashboard
  • Display what's important for your business with configurable home screen widgets

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