Backup Exec for Microsoft Azure

A cost-effective backup and recovery solution for all your data, integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Be confident in your journey to Azure

Backup Exec supports your journey to the cloud. You choose the path that’s right for your organisation. Public cloud connectors for Azure storage services let you write data directly to specific geos. Support for key hardware gateways accelerates your IT team’s agility with on-premises and hybrid options. Get business resilience with Azure infrastructure in-the-cloud and from-the-cloud data protection.

  • Gain data visibility across all your data: virtual, physical and cloud
  • Optimise cloud storage costs while reducing data risks through greater visibility
  • Simplify workload migration to and from Azure
  • Leverage Azure as a disaster recovery target
  • Unify data protection for on-premises and Azure-based workloads

Move data easily to Azure

  • Optimise storage efficiency and ensure data compliance
  • Balance storage costs and performance by using Azure for tiered data storage
  • Mitigate regulatory risks by intelligently moving the right data to Azure at the right time
  • Simplify your infrastructure with hybrid cloud storage solutions

Protect workloads in Azure

  • Easily implement data protection for new and legacy workloads
  • Migrate mission-critical applications to Azure to increase resilience and performance
  • Extend data protection capabilities to all workloads: on-premises, virtual and physical
  • Ensure application and storage high availability across Azure geos and regions

Unify your data protection infrastructure

  • Reduce data loss risk with a single management interface across physical, virtual and cloud
  • Decrease reliance on point backup tools
  • Easily implement world-class backup in a cloud infrastructure

Get Backup Exec on the Azure Marketplace

Simplify your cloud data protection implementation with easy deployment from the Azure Marketplace

Backup Exec is available today on the Azure Marketplace for rapid deployment of new backup nodes.

  • Retain your backup workflows while deploying critical applications in Azure
  • Know where all your data is: virtual, physical and cloud data are visible through one interface
  • Choose from standard licence models available through Veritas resellers
  • Use in-the-cloud data deduplication to optimize storage costs

Hybrid cloud ease-of-operation

Smart data lifecycle policies and unlimited back-end storage in an easy-to-use combination

Backup Exec supports Microsoft StorSimple to ensure maximum cloud use and minimum administration overhead for any size organisation or business.

  • Easily migrate data to Azure cool blob storage with Backup Exec storage lifecycle policies that integrate with StorSimple
  • Ensure data compliance with full support for Azure Government
  • Get rapid, seamless backup and recovery

Designed for your Azure infrastructure

Use Azure blob storage to balance resilience and cost efficiency of your backup data

Write Backup Exec data directly to cost-effective, geo-specific Azure buckets, so you can keep track of which data resides where.

  • Stage data to hot or cool storage tiers according to defined lifecycle policies
  • Template policies for writing backup data directly to cloud or disk-to-cloud
  • Write all source data – virtual, physical or from another cloud – to Azure
  • Ensure data compliance via full support for Azure Government

Backup that supports your cloud strategy

Leverage the same policies, processes and interfaces to manage your cloud data

Backup Exec protects your data in Azure the same way as on-premises.

  • Run Backup Exec in the cloud to protect applications running on Azure infrastructure
  • Deduplicate backups to local block disk and use public cloud connectors for Azure access
  • Reduce cloud availability risk by replicating backup data sets to your on-premises infrastructure
  • Optimise costs with hot and cool storage support
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