Capture & Archive
Ring Central Data
with Merge1


Remote-work policies have been a boon for RingCentral, and the company’s all-digital voice and video communication solutions have proven effective in keeping organisations collaborating and capable. All this new data being generated means many organisations face the challenge of complying with new forms of dynamic communications and averting the risks. Merge1 allows companies in all industries to comply easily and efficiently by helping capture and archive RingCentral into their existing infrastructure.


Veritas helps regulated firms:

  • Meet heavily monitored industry regulations like the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA and FDA.
  • Ensure unified identity and policy across all conversations and content.
  • Enhance eDiscovery, help with litigation preparedness and reduce litigation risk.


Communications and activities taking place on the RingCentral platform can be securely captured and archived by adding Merge1 to your existing infrastructure. While other solutions require sending your workforce’s critical, sensitive communications to a third-party datastore, Merge1 captures RingCentral communications and activities and stores them in your existing email archive, whether on-prem (Veritas Enterprise Vault) or in the cloud (Microsoft 365).


Merge1 excels in capturing and archiving RingCentral communications and activities.


  • Team and direct chats
  • Task details
  • Note details
  • Event details


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