Upgrade to Veritas Enterprise Vault 12

Enterprise information archiving.

Better control, enhanced supervision and search, improved manageability

Veritas has long been a trusted choice for organisations striving to achieve greater governance over unstructured data through automated archiving.With the latest release of Enterprise Vault, we proudly deliver our first archiving innovations as an independent Veritas Technologies LLC.

Achieve better and broader control

Keep the best information while deleting the rest

  • Classify to optimise archival storage while improving supervision and search
  • Re-classify to improve agility in meeting evolving retention requirements
  • Verify expiry based on policy, so you can delete with confidence

Enhance supervision and search

Employ greater precision in getting to the information you need

  • Streamline supervision of electronic communications using machine learning
  • Use classification to hone in on what's being supervised or searched
  • Enable intuitive search with an interface format optimised for a user's chosen device

Improve manageability

Spend less time administering the archive

  • Get an easier installation process with enhanced installers and centralised database upgrade
  • Eliminate the need to maintain journal mailboxes for archiving purposes with new SMTP journaling options
  • Take advantage of new PowerShell cmdlets and improvements to existing cmdlets

Managed Enterprise Vault

Retain data on-premises with a remotely managed solution

Liberate your IT team from the burden of day-to-day data management and the need to adhere to strict corporate and regulatory standards.

  • Gain 24/7 escalation and event management, so you'll know someone's always minding the store
  • Significantly improve archiving operations with strict SLAs backed by best-in-class processes and standards
  • Improve the ROI of Enterprise Vault by optimising use of the full feature set
  • Get complete transparency via monthly reporting that provides visibility into the archiving environment and lets you validate that data is efficiently archived
  • Simplify and improve planning and forecasting through predictable costs, seamless transitions to upgrades and new versions, and improved asset use

Retain only meaningful information

Categorise all archived content

A fundamental element of sound information governance plans, classification lets you analyse information, then make informed decisions about what to retain and what to delete.In Enterprise Vault 11, we introduced Data Classification Services to automate classification of Exchange email, and with Enterprise Vault 12, you can now automatically classify any content.

  • Classify all content—email, files, instant messages, social media—archived both natively and via integrated, third-party solutions
  • Leverage new Integrated Classification Engine with more than 60 default policies addressing regulations around the world
  • Assign unique retention to individual items
  • Tag items for faster search, discovery, or supervisory review
  • Re-classify the entire archive or specific archived items to adapt to changing retention requirements
  • Get a zero-cost transfer from a Data Classification Services license to an Enterprise Vault Retention license that includes classification, re-classification and gated deletion

Know what's next when your archived items are set to expire

Use gated deletion for assurance

Changes in regulatory or business retention requirements are inevitable over time.With Enterprise Vault 12, you can be confident when deleting archived information that meets current retention policies.You can also perform a policy check once you've reached the end of a retention period.

  • Stay up-to-date on evolving retention requirements
  • Confidently delete archived data according to policy
  • Easily conduct policy checks when retention periods end

Speed up and simplify supervision

Reduce irrelevant items to review with machine learning

Now you can make supervision quicker, easier and smarter with Intelligent Review, a new feature of Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator.As your reviewers find relevant and non-relevant items, Compliance Accelerator learns from their responses and builds knowledge to prioritise useful information and cull non-relevant data over time.

  • Reduce reviewer workloads
  • Focus on supervised user relationships, not policy-based rule sets
  • Evaluate content based on reviewer input, with no change to your review process Retrain the feature automatically if relationships change

Improve productivity with Enterprise Vault Search

Provide browser-based end user access to archived information

First introduced with Enterprise Vault 11, Enterprise Vault Search provides intuitive, browser-based access to the archive via laptops, tablets or mobile devices.In Enterprise Vault 12, Enterprise Vault Search features an updated look and feel plus new features that improve end user productivity.

  • Functionality is suggested during use to locate recent searches, items and folders
  • View images within the reading pane
  • Employ regional settings for date and language
  • Select from various date and time format options
  • Search by classification tag, record type, or ID

Streamline access to archived files

Leverage an alternative to traditional placeholders or shortcuts

Now you can get direct access from every archived file system folder to the archive folder within Enterprise Vault Search.This feature makes it easier to administer Enterprise Vault File System Archiving and provides simple user access to archived file content.

  • Browse archived content for EMC Isilon, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) file servers, or any CIFS-based storage currently not supporting placeholders
  • Enable file server or folder retirement
  • Support replication, including DFS-R

Simplify retention of critical information

Standardise your approach to records management

Do you need to mark archived items as individual records, conduct searches for these records, and export them for transfer elsewhere?This enhancement can help US federal customers use the Capstone approach to managing email electronically in support of the Managing Government Records Directive.

  • Manually or automatically declare any archived item as a record
  • Declare records based on an extensive set of metadata or content rules
  • Search based on Record ID or Record Type
  • Export records from the archive in load files compatible with US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) specifications

eDiscovery and regulatory compliance are not limited to email

Archive native and non-native information sources via an expansive partner ecosystem

Enterprise Vault has long supported archiving Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Domino and Windows-based file systems natively. And with our partner ecosystem of Veritas-certified solutions, we can extend retention management to more than 50 non-native sources, including social media, Instant Messaging, financial and text messaging, files and custom content. In Enterprise Vault 12.2, we've introduced native archiving for Microsoft Skype for Business content, with support for peer-to-peer messages and conference chats.

Veritas Technologies is a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving for the 14th Consecutive Year

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