NetBackup 10 - What's New?

Delivering a more cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud

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Our new Cloud Scale Technology is enabling NetBackup to deliver multi-cloud orchestration and visibility so that organizations can achieve the best possible utilization of both NetBackup and the cloud services it runs in.

This new implementation of NetBackup increases its event-driven, elastic cloud services capabilities that not only address the growing cost of cloud but also reduces the carbon footprint in the cloud.

And NetBackup 10 includes new active, cyber defenses that assure clean data recovery without paying a ransom.


Colin Hinks
Data Protection Specialist, UK&I

In his current role Colin uses his subject matter expertise in NetBackup and Veritas’ Appliances to help organisations address their data protection challenges, while providing a deeper understanding of Veritas’ data protection capabilities ensuring they maximise the value of their investment.

Colin has worked in IT for over 30 years and before joining Veritas Presales held a variety of roles including Operations, Systems’ Management and Technical Support.

In his spare time Colin is an avid rock drummer, regularly performing live at venues and festivals across London and the south of England.