Introducing NetBackup™ Recovery Vault - Confidence Restored.

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Recovery Vault is available as a simple, subscription-based NetBackup license in 1, 2, or 3-year increments. To learn more now, download the NetBackupTM Recovery Vault Solution Brief.

Every company understands unprotected data is a disaster waiting to happen.

With NetBackup Recovery Vault, your business can be confident that its data is secure in the cloud, safe from ransomware, prepared for disaster recovery, and able to meet stringent compliance and governance requirements.

Seamless Cloud Storage.
Managed by Veritas.

NetBackup Recovery Vault is cloud-based storage-as-a-service that provides a seamless, fully managed secondary storage option for NetBackup users. With Recovery Vault, protecting critical data in the cloud has never been easier. Seamlessly integrated with NetBackup, an easy-to-use UI simplifies provisioning, management and monitoring of cloud storage resources and retention policies. Recovery Vault offers a single, flexible repository for all your data sources – from on-premises to your public cloud workloads. Anything that NetBackup can protect, can be safely stored in Recovery Vault.

Why NetBackup Recovery Vault?

  • Reduce Risks - Crucial cloud security, retention and compliance managed within NetBackup
  • Scale Limitlessly – Efficiently manage data growth without compromising manageability
  • Lower TCO – Predictable as-a-service subscription. Zero hidden costs
  • Automate Resiliency – Intelligent Cloud Policies and air-gapped multi-cloud isolation protects data from ransomware and other threats