Industry: Entertainment
Headquarters: London
Employees: 30,000

The Challenge

Sky wanted to move from tape to disk-based backup to improve recovery times and reduce costs.

The Solution

The company adopted Veritas NetBackup™ Appliances and Veritas™ Information Map because of their operational and cost efficiencies.

The Outcome

Significantly reduced storage costs, gain visibility throughout its unstructured environment, and achieve a 73 percent reduction in backup administration time, freeing staff to work on higher value tasks.

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Reduced storage costs through 90% data deduplication and cost-per-terabyte licensing


Reduced support calls; platform stability makes 24×7 support easy to deliver


73% reduction in backup administration time frees staff for higher value tasks


Simplified storage decisions with access to graphic view of file system backups

Products / Services Used

Veritas NetBackup Appliances

Veritas Information Map