Large American county

Industry: Government (local)
Employees: 13,000   

The challenge

A large American county needed to meet audit requirements ensuring it could remotely recover critical SAP-based services in the event of a disaster.

The solution

The IT team deployed Veritas InfoScale Enterprise (formerly Storage Foundation High Availability/Disaster Recovery) software because of its multi-platform support and non-disruptive, high-performance replication.

The outcome

A two-to-three day recovery time objective reduced to eight hours or less, and a projected five days saved annually because of simulated failover tests.

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At a glance


2-3 day recovery time objective (RTO) reduced to 8 hours or less


Projected 144 hours of annual planned downtime to be saved by failover capabilities


Projected IT staff time savings of 5 days per year by running simulated failover tests


Minimised risk of potential downtime costs as high as $434,000 per hour

Products/Services used

Veritas NetBackup Appliances

Veritas Enterprise Vault

Business Critical Support (Premier)