Industry: Technology
Headquarters: Much, Germany
Employees: 1

The challenge

Expert-Zone.Net needed a backup solution for its customers that could enable reliable and fast recovery of everything from a single email message to an entire business.

The solution

Veritas Backup Exec has delivered a 20-year track record of reliable results, coming out ahead in competitive comparisons.

The outcome

Veritas Backup Exec software enables recovery of multiple legacy data and backup formats that some other solutions can't handle, quick support for new backup technologies when they're released, support disaster recovery tests without disruption, and cost savings due to archiving.

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At a glance


Five-figure annual savings from reduced storage consumption achieved by two customers using archiving options


Easy-to-use interface that motivated customers to switch from competitive solutions


Multiple legacy data and backup software formats recovered successfully, unlike some competitors


Notably quick support for major new software releases (as little as 20-60 days)

Products/Services used

Veritas Backup Exec software