A County Sheriff’s Office

Industry: Government Crime/Justice/Law
Headquarters: Florida
Employees: >4,000

The Challenge

Resources were already stretched thin, and backups sometimes failed to complete, when the County Sheriff's Office began using body cameras and spun up a new cybercrime unit. Effectively protecting large amounts of data became mission-critical.

The Solution

The County Sheriff's Office deployed two Veritas NetBackup 5330 Appliances, as well as Veritas NetBackup software for data not yet migrated to the appliances. Veritas Enterprise Vault provides file archiving on a storage array reclaimed from backup duty.

The Outcome

Today, all the department's back-office data can be backed up every week, both more efficiently and more effectively than in the legacy environment.

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Backups no longer fail to complete due to time limitations.


Data from all locations is protected centrally.


Backup job that previously took 4 days now completes in 4 hours.


Staff productivity has increased; backup admins provide more strategic value.

Products / Services Used

Veritas NetBackup Appliances

Veritas NetBackup

Veritas Enterprise Vault