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InfoScale for Oracle

As the market leader for enterprise database solutions, Oracle RDBMS is the backend for a wide range of enterprise applications. InfoScale is a solution for both Oracle high availability and storage management that integrates with core Oracle technology and enhances performance, availability and manageability for Oracle database servers.

Fast failover for single instance Oracle databases with Veritas and Red Hat
Optimising Oracle single instance databases with InfoScale™ Enterprise and fast failover
Enhancing Oracle RAC with InfoScale™ Enterprise


InfoScale for SAP

SAP is a leader in enterprise software that enables business management, business intelligence and customer relations. InfoScale makes SAP highly available and can also provide significant performance benefits for SAP workloads running on SAP's HANA database.  With InfoScale, you can noticeably improve SAP application performance and availability while reducing the overall cost of the SAP solution.

High availability and disaster recovery solution and reference architecture for SAP NetWeaver / S/4HANA in Microsoft Azure
InfoScale: Business continuity for SAP applications
Maximise uptime for SAP HANA using Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise
High availability and disaster recovery for SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform using Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise
High availability and disaster recovery for SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure using Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise
High availability and disaster recovery for SAP HANA on AWS using Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise


Enterprise apps

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise is a leading solution for application high availability and storage management. Used extensively in the financial sector, healthcare and the public sector, InfoScale enables customers to rapidly deploy highly available, performant, multi-tier IT business services on nearly any type of infrastructure, operating system, platform, or underlying storage and compute infrastructure.

Availability and performance for Informatica
Increasing availability and efficiency for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise: Managing mission critical applications in a software defined data centre
Availability and performance for Sybase ASE CE
InfoScale support for virtual machines in Nutanix HCI environments


InfoScale for cloud

InfoScale offers enterprise-grade capabilities for organisations looking to deploy and run mission-critical, tier-1 applications across hybrid clouds. InfoScale delivers a complete suite of capabilities for organisations looking to deploy a robust hybrid cloud infrastructure that includes public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure.

InfoScale on Azure: Integration and implementation