Your business depends on data.

It's the lifeblood of your organisation — your most valuable asset.

Only Veritas can provide 360 Data Management.

We combine key capabilities

into a family of solutions that reduces complexity, streamlines operations, and delivers enormous business value.

We call the result 360 Data Management.

By combining protection,
availability, and insight, you get:

  • Global visibility & control
  • End-to-end service continuity
  • Cloud flexibility & choice
  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Greater IT efficiency
  • Rapid self-service data access

"Veritas allows me to sleep soundly."

We provide 360° value

Used together, our solutions provide value much greater than the sum of their individual parts. You’ll gain complete control of your data thanks to a seamless perspective not available anywhere else. What’s more, you can build the foundation for 360 Data Management on your existing NetBackup investment.

Global Data Visibility

Information Map + NetBackup

Quickly see & manage all your data from a single, unified viewpoint.

Gain actionable intelligence to shape decisions or IT service to foster agility.

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Predictable, Unified Resiliency

Veritas Resiliency Platform + NetBackup

Create durable service that goes beyond backup and disaster recovery.

Proactively meet uptime or capacity demands across your entire IT landscape.

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Integrated Copy Data Management

Velocity + NetBackup

Gain rapid, on-demand self-service access to data.

Eliminate copy data sprawl, manage data more efficiently and reduce risk.

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"The conservation of our data is vital."

We offer 360° coverage

Because we value information over infrastructure, our business data management solutions are software-based and vendor-agnostic. That means no matter what hardware, cloud service or virtualisation environment you use, our solutions will never limit your flexibility, your plans or your systems.

When so much of your business success rests on your data, you can rely on Veritas to help protect and manage all your information, wherever it resides.

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