System Recovery

Image-based backup and disaster recovery for servers, desktops and laptops.

Restore Windows and Linux systems in minutes

Ensuring rapid, reliable disaster recovery across your entire infrastructure can be complicated and costly. With Veritas System Recovery, you can minimize downtime and avoid the impact of disaster by easily recovering in minutes, whether you're restoring a single file or email to an entire machine-physical or virtual..

  • Reduce complexity with a single solution that protects servers, laptops and virtual machines
  • Protect data and systems quickly, efficiently and frequently with image-based backup
  • Minimize the disruption of system failure with fast, flexible, reliable recovery

Leverage a simple solution

Easily protect and recover business-critical assets

  • Use one interface to protect laptops, servers, and virtual machines
  • Run a single backup job to protect a whole machine, including the system, data, and applications
  • Restore granular objects direct from the storage device

Get efficient protection

Protect quickly, frequently, and effectively

  • Gain cloud resiliency including Amazon S3 and Azure
  • Minimize storage consumption by protecting only those data blocks that have changed
  • Benefit from rapid performance with image-based backup
  • Realize quick, automated restore, direct to the data source

Enable reliable recovery

Ensure recovery whatever your choice of hardware

  • Get trusted bare metal restore to the same or different hardware
  • Recover individual Exchange emails, files, folders or whole machines
  • Automatically duplicate backup data to the cloud or a second site for additional resiliency

New in Veritas System Recovery

Today's organizations must respond quickly to a changing business environment that includes cloud and security challenges. Veritas has expanded its System Recovery portfolio to meet all these challenges.

  • Fast backup to leading public cloud storage, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure
  • Automatically duplicate backup data to the cloud or a second site for additional resiliency
  • Support for Microsoft's latest Server Operating System, including Restore Anyware™ technology for dissimilar hardware and P2V restoration
  • Enhanced support for Linux environments
  • Improved security, with new support for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) with TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • RESTful API support
  • Veritas System Recovery Monitor management utility for servers and desktops with a new administrator dashboard

Recover seamlessly in the event of a local disaster

Get back in production in minutes, not hours or days

Now you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to bring systems back into production. With System Recovery, you can boot direct from a running or cold system and restore the entire system, physical or virtual, Windows or Linux, as fast as your disk storage can read and write.

  • Patented Restore Anyware technology quickly restores entire physical and virtual systems from local or off-site destinations in minutes, even to bare metal, dissimilar hardware, remote locations, or virtual environments
  • Restores files and folders while providing the ability to search multiple recovery points at the same time
  • Hot imaging combines allows restore to different hardware platforms on the fly and breaks the barrier of incompatible storage controllers and hardware abstraction layers
  • Create an all-in-one backup and recovery USB device to rapidly boot and recover any system

Protect against site outages

Automate protection to another site or cloud storage

Don't let your business be tied down to just one location. Make sure you're able to move data simply, per your business and budgetary needs, anywhere you want-to the cloud, back to an on-premises, or even to a FTP location.

Veritas System Recovery stores an offsite copy of recovery points that enables protection against site outages and operates as a background process. You can also duplicate existing or current backup jobs to gain great flexibility.

  • Patented LightsOut Restore technology allows admins to easily recover a system from a remote location without physically visiting the system
  • Get duplicate recovery points to up to two additional sites or devices
  • Gain support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, USB, NAS/SAN, and FTP storage
  • Reduce the resources needed to complete recovery by leveraging a background process

Gain flexibility in replacement hardware choice

Make dissimilar hardware restore standard

Want to eliminate the need to replace hardware like-for-like at a system, storage, or component level? With Veritas System Recovery, dissimilar hardware restore runs as an automated process using existing recovery points.

  • Practice bare metal restore to different hardware
  • Seamlessly handle driver and component updates within the restore process
  • Eliminate the need to prepare in advance to move to different hardware

Leverage cloud storage for disaster recovery

Easily integrate with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

Don't be limited by storage constraints when you can integrate Veritas System Recovery with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Doing so lets you send the copy of recovery points to S3 storage in addition to local and private storage, enhancing your options for protecting against outages and failure.

  • Encrypt recovery points on creation, before sending them to cloud storage
  • Use cloud storage to supplement secondary storage locations and devices
  • Recover easily via the Internet using your Amazon/Azure account, key, and bucket details

Lowering the total cost of ownership of System Recovery

Gain holistic visibility from a single pane of glass

The Veritas System Recovery Monitor helps determine the protection status across your environment, giving you holistic visibility from a single pane of glass to ensure you can recover lost data and identify protection gaps.

  • Monitors the current protection status of all managed systems with the at-a-glance consolidated Home Page view
  • Quickly identifies and drills down to problem areas with a built-in filtering system
  • Monitors the backup, license and version status of all clients

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