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Merge1 customers can now take advantage of the advanced native capture capabilities offered by our Merge1 Webhooks Platform, without having to stand up their own Webhooks services while continuing to benefit from the high level of security and reliability of Merge1. Merge1 Webhooks removes the need for each Merge1 customer to service real-time events generated by Microsoft on their own, thereby eliminating a significant amount of development and operational burden which would otherwise be necessary for each customer to undertake. This SAAS based solution fully leverages the power, scalability and security of the Azure platform, with its high levels of encryption, throughout the entire process — from event generation to event capture and final delivery by the Merge1 Pipeline, either on premise, or in the cloud.


Merge1 Webhook features:


  • Our Webhooks service facilitates the configuration of Microsoft Teams’ event subscription process by providing an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based interface.
  • Microsoft Teams event subscriptions will be stored and continuously renewed by our service without the need for manual intervention. Microsoft Teams Webhooks subscriptions are sometimes renewed hourly or more frequently. Therefore, Merge1 Webhooks has been designed to support a perpetual subscription renewal capability.
  • Merge1 Webhooks contains an “event sync” such that Microsoft can send data to the service on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • The service supports the highest level of security available and will secure all messages sent by Microsoft Teams combined with our Webhooks Platform, both in transit and at rest.
  • It also contains a retrieval process, utilized by the consumer of the service such as Merge1, where events which have been transmitted to the service by Microsoft Teams combined with Webhooks, are made available to the authenticated consumer. The events will be transmitted in encrypted form and may only be decrypted by the consumer of the service such as Veritas Merge1 Microsoft Teams Connector with the Webhooks service option.


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