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Mobile Capture and Archiving

Mobile message archiving has become an essential feature to maintaining eDiscovery and compliance regulations for organizations. As more business is conducted outside of email or usual workplace channels, regulators are requiring additional access into nontraditional modes of communication. These new communication channels also come with an increased risk of breach, failure to record, and noncompliance.

Veritas Mobile Capture and Archiving is available for securely and efficiently capturing SMS/MMS messages on enterprise-owned devices using the Verizon and AT&T networks. Messages can be captured directly from the mobile carrier network and a copy is sent and stored in the archive server. No mobile application is required, and it is available to all smartphones, legacy, and feature phones.

In addition to mobile archiving, Veritas can capture over 120 content sources into an existing archive or eDiscovery platform, enabling organizations to proactively capture, review and discover all business communications.

Mobile Capture and Archiving SMS data
are ideal for organizations supporting:

  • Mobile phones on carriers that support text archiving.
  • Corporate-owned phones.
  • Wanting to continue using your own mobile number.
  • Do not want to use an application.
  • Wanting to archive mobile messages with your existing archive
    vendor or on-site.


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