Merge1 Suite:
Capture Everything




A robust suite with 80+ Connectors. Capture everything, archive anywhere, and discover what matters. 

Business communications have evolved far beyond traditional email. Businesses now use a wide array of communication channels that enable their employees to collaborate in modern ways. However, with this growth in communication channels, keeping up with compliance has become increasingly challenging.

With the Merge1 Suite, Veritas supports the largest capture coverage in the industry, enabling organizations to ingest data from over 80+ applications and channels.  Content is captured in its native format, threaded together in full conversational context for compliance peace of mind.  All your communications are safely and securely captured and delivered to Enterprise Vault, Enterprise Vault Cloud, eDP Platform or wherever you need it. 




Utilizing the full assortment of the Merge1 Suite ensures compliance teams can confidently meet regulatory obligations from FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA, EU (GDPR and MiFID II) and other governing bodies.

Access to the entire Merge1 Suite of connectors allows you to capture everything from Microsoft Teams communications, Bloomberg chats, Box files, etc. Our suite of connectors securely captures applications for collaboration, file sharing, IM, social media, mobile, financial platforms, and more.

Merge1 Key Features

Capture everything

Fully customizable

On-prem or SaaS

Easy to set up and deploy

Direct source capture

Message threading

Profile and identity management

Attachments support

Automatic indexing

External archive support

Use your existing archive and storage

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