Capture & Archive Citrix ShareFile Data with Merge1



Citrix ShareFile allows organizations to share and collaborate on files and documentation from virtually anywhere. Communications taking place over Citrix ShareFile can easily be archived when adding Merge1 to your existing infrastructure. As opposed to other archiving compliance solutions, which require sending your workforce’s critical, sensitive communications to a third-party data store, Merge1 captures Citrix ShareFile communications and stores them in your existing email archive, whether on-prem (e.g. Veritas Enterprise Vault) or in the Cloud (e.g. Microsoft Office 365).


If an organization’s files live in the Cloud, searching this additional, third-party repository creates extra burden when conducting searches for compliance supervision and eDiscovery. It also results in less control over retention, version control and user history. Merge1 helps archive files from the file-sharing platform into your existing email archive. Whether you need to archive and centralize your Cloud-based files for compliance, eDiscovery or Info Governance, Merge1 facilitates the archiving of your Citrix ShareFile files and documents.

Merge1 excels in archiving files from Citrix ShareFile.

  • File upload and download
  • File delete or move or share
  • Folder deletion or creation
  • Check in/ check out
  • Login info


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