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10th of March, 2022

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Ransomware strikes fear in the hearts of IT professionals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The fact is ransomware is far from invincible. In this exclusive Veritas Solution Day event, you will learn what it takes to neutralize the threat and impact of ransomware on your organization. In addition to insightful presentations from a great lineup of speakers, we’ll also be providing a technical deep dive into the core ransomware capabilities of NetBackup.

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Time Session Title & Abstract Speakers
9:00 Welcome coffee  
9:30 Welcome Tim Van Honsté, Country Manager, Veritas Technologies Benelux
9:40 Overcoming the Fear of Ransomware
A ransomware attack is an inevitability for every large organization at this point. But that doesn’t mean we need to cower in fear of it. In this opening session, Greg Hughes, CEO of Veritas, shares some valuable insights gained from meeting and consulting with IT and business leaders from some of the world’s largest organizations and most recognizable brands.
9:45 Achieving Ransomware Immunity with Protect, Detect, and Recover Best Practices
80% of organisations have invested in new cloud technologies since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and almost 40% of organizations feel their security is compromised. In this session, we’ll demonstrate our multi-layered approach, diving into technical best practices within the Protect, Detect, and Recover stages.

Gain a clear understanding of how to mitigate the risk of ransomware and minimize the effects of an attack.

Ola Rehnberg, Technology Sales Director, Benelux and Nordics
10:30 BREAK  
11:00 Are you Prepared for When Ransomware Strikes? A Readiness Roadmap
According to Cybersecurity Ventures, every 11 seconds an organization is hit by ransomware. Learn how the CEO of one global brand assessed their readiness and worked with Veritas to deploy a multi-layered resiliency strategy to address their increasingly dispersed on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Before your organization is attacked by ransomware, learn how to assess your protection capabilities, identify compromised data and recover quickly.
Stephan Hudepohl, Technology Sales, Veritas Technologies
11:45 Best Practices for Hardening SaaS Applications like Microsoft 365 Against Ransomware Threats
Ransomware is a growing threat to organizations. Attackers’ tactics have grown more despicable with time,. You and your organization need to be prepared for the worst.  Many people believe that data stored in the cloud is safe from ransomware – sadly, this is not true. Many more believe that data stored in SaaS application platforms, like Microsoft 365, is safe, sadly, this is also not true.  Discover how to better protect your organization from falling victim to ransomware and how to recover quickly without paying a ransom. Regardless of where it lives, it’s your data and it’s up to you to protect it!
12:30 Closing Comments  
12:40 Cocktail  

Tim Van Honsté
Country Manager, Veritas Technologies

Stephan Hudepohl
Technology Sales, Veritas Technologies

Ola Rehnberg
Technology Sales Director, Veritas Technologies