Major Australian Bank

Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Australia

The Challenge

A major Australian bank needed to maximize availability of SWIFT, a platform that transfers as much as US$713 billion per day between the region’s banks.

The Solution

The IT team deployed Veritas InfoScale Enterprise because of its cross-platform ability to automate failover of complex multi-tiered business services.

The Outcome

Enable a 4x faster recovery time objective, automated and repeatable site-to-site failovers, and a projected 100 percent payback in the first few minutes of production failover.

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4x faster recovery time objective (RTO) achieved


67% less time and staff needed for site-to-site failover, streamlining compliance tests


US$30 billion per hour disruption for downtime exposure minimized


100% payback in first minutes of downtime avoided

Products / Services Used

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise

Veritas Storage Foundation

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager

Veritas Consulting Services

Business Partner