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System Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery for servers, desktops and laptops.

Recover from downtime or disasters in minutes.

Ensuring fast, reliable data recovery across your entire infrastructure can be complicated and costly. With Veritas System Recovery, you can proactively protect laptops, servers and virtual machines without disrupting employee productivity or IT services. This powerful, unified solution enables IT administrators to minimize downtime by rapidly restoring exactly what they need, when and where they need it most.

Ensure the integrity of your business-critical data.

Our integrated approach delivers unmatched performance and peace of mind.

Operational Simplicity

Use a single interface to protect laptops, servers and virtual machines across your organization.

Efficient Protection

Minimize storage consumption, gain cloud resiliency and quickly perform automated restores.

Reliable Recovery

Ensure recovery to any hardware environment and automatically duplicate backups to the cloud.

Local disaster recovery.

Get back in production in minutes, not hours or days.

  • Patented technology quickly restores entire physical and virtual systems from local or off-site destinations – even to bare metal, dissimilar hardware, remote locations or virtual environments.
  • Restores files and folders while providing the ability to search multiple recovery points at the same time.
  • Hot imaging allows restore to different hardware platforms on the fly and breaks the barrier of incompatible storage controllers and hardware abstraction layers.
  • Create an all-in-one backup and recovery USB device to rapidly boot and recover any system.

Off-site disaster recovery.

Automate protection to another site or cloud storage.

  • Patented LightsOut Restore technology allows admins to easily recover a system from a remote location without physically visiting the system.
  • Get duplicate recovery points for two additional sites or devices.
  • Gain support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, USB, NAS/SAN and FTP storage.
  • Reduce the resources needed to complete recovery by leveraging a background process.

Flexible cloud storage.

Easily integrate with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

  • Encrypt recovery points on creation before sending them to cloud storage.
  • Use cloud storage to supplement secondary storage locations and devices.
  • Recover easily via the Internet using your Amazon/Azure account, key and bucket details.

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Dissimilar hardware restores.

Gain flexibility in replacement hardware choice.

  • Practice bare-metal restore to different hardware, eliminating like-for-like storage, system and component requirements.
  • Seamlessly handle driver and component updates within the restore process.
  • Eliminate the need to prepare in advance to move to different hardware.

Centralized management and monitoring.

Gain holistic visibility through a single pane of glass.

  • Monitor the current protection status of all managed systems with a single, consolidated home page.
  • Quickly identify and isolate problem areas and protection gaps with intuitive filtering.
  • Constantly monitor the backup, licence and version status of all clients in your environment.
The beauty of System Recovery Desktop Edition is that I don’t have to think about what settings we had on the computer – it’s a total hard drive image. We can recover critical machines in 40 minutes or less. It’s a great insurance policy.
Glyn Peatey
IT Manager
Maryborough Sugar Factory Ltd.
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Latest Release: System Recovery 23.1

  • Updated automation scripts for creating and verifying backup to storage destinations; such as cloud, network, local and hidden partition. 
  • Support for recovery from SRD environments and listing all recovery point destinations using command line.
  • Platform proliferation includes support for Windows ADK: Windows 11 21H2 and Windows 11 22H2, and Microsoft SQL Server 2022.
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