Simulation Software Company

Industry: Technology
Headquarters: Americas
Employees: 1,200

The ChAllenge

To maximize recovery success for critical data, a simulation software company wanted to move from tape-based to disk-based backup

The Solution

The company deployed Veritas NetBackup Appliances because of their plug-and-play convenience, and confidence in Veritas backup expertise.

The Outcome

Boosting backup and recovery rates to 100 percent to date, reducing backup and recovery times by more than 50 percent, cutting backup storage requirements by 67 percent, and delivering a projected 100 percent payback in less than three years.

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100% backup and recovery success rates to date, up from 90% backup and inconsistent recovery success


67% less backup storage required because of deduplication


50% shorter backup times than with tape and 70% less recovery time


100% payback in less than three years

Products / Services Used

Veritas NetBackup Appliances

Veritas Essential Services