PingUs Solutions

Industry: Technology
Headquarters: Schildow, Germany
Employees:  700

The Challenge

PingUs Solutions, one of Europe’s go-to consultants for backup and recovery, needed a solution with leading performance to support its many customers.

The Solution

The organization uses Veritas Backup Exec because of its proven recovery, flexibility, and fast backups.

The Outcome

100 percent recovery success to date; up to 10x faster recoveries than a competing solution due to Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology; and significant savings from deduplication.

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100% recovery success to date, leading to replacements of competing backup solutions


Successful disaster recovery test from tape of 35-server, 17-terabyte environment in 5 days


As much as 10x faster recoveries than competing solution due to Granular Recovery Technology


Significant savings from deduplication

Products / Services Used

Veritas Backup Exec