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Veritas partners with Oracle to deliver Unified Data Protection, offering the flexibility to meet any organizations' cloud backup needs. Cloud is one of the most effective ways to advance data protection strategies and probably the least invasive too, because integrating cloud storage is a seamless experience. Unified Data Protection for Oracle Cloud from Veritas ensures optimized and consistent backups while keeping costs down.


  • Rapid deduplication of data from on-premises to the cloud
  • Always maintain an on-premises disk-based backup tier, with short retention for faster recovery

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Why Veritas on Oracle Cloud?

Veritas and Oracle's strategic partnership helps organizations easily move archived and infrequently accessed data offsite to cost-effective cloud storage for disaster recovery, while keeping critical data on-site on performance-optimized storage close to production applications, for immediate recovery. Organizations are ensured of complete visibility and control, so they can strike the right balance between recovery and compliance requirements, and cost implications.


Drive down costs with long term retention in Oracle Cloud

Automatically move backup data through different storage tiers, including Oracle Cloud storage. Use deduplication and compression to improve bandwidth and storage use.

Unlock business agility

Confidently integrate Oracle Cloud storage securely and give IT staff and business users an easy-to-use self-service portal for common backup and recovery tasks.

Strengthen data protection governance postures across on-premises and Oracle Cloud

Enforce centralized policies and processes that meet your organization's unique requirements.

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