Cloud Storage

The cognitive, object data management platform

Cognitive capabilities: the future of data management infrastructure

Veritas Cloud Storage, a key component of the Veritas 360 Data Management, is a new approach to software defined object storage. Its Integrated Cognitive Engine (ICE) makes unstructured data come alive – increasing information capital, storing massive amounts of data, and enabling data intensive, cloud-native apps, while assuring regulatory compliance requirements are easily met.

Key features:

  • Dynamic Metadata Management adds intelligence about data - providing deeper levels of classification, indexing, and analytics
  • Action-on-IngestTM enables businesses to gain new, actionable insights and automate workflows
  • Easily create new cognitive-driven policies or modify existing policies with the intuitive visual workflow manager

Cognitive Data Management for the CSO

Assure compliance and governance

  • Automate a wide range of data retention, protection, and compliance policies for multiple data sources
  • 50+ default intelligent policies, including: GDPR, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA and other regulations
  • 100+ pre-configured patterns included for recognition of PII, including credit card and social security numbers, medical records and other PII

Cognitive Data Management for the CTO

Keep pace with changing demands while optimizing TCO

  • Automated services orchestrate and simplify management at any scale—reducing the burden on IT
  • Intelligently align an organization’s data to the right place at the right time with the right cost
  • Adapt to changing requirements with a cost-effective, software defined private cloud

Cognitive Data Management for App Dev

Innovate rapidly with a rich array of protocols, frameworks and APIs

  • Employ external AI, machine learning and other services with the Integrated Cognitive Engine’s open and extensible RESTful API
  • Utilize Dynamic Metadata to set application context and take actions
  • Rapidly deploy modern, cloud native, IoT and real-time apps utilizing S3, Thrift, Kafka, HDFS, JDBC, MQTT and more

Automate retention, protection and compliance policies

Tagging and setting metadata policies from multiple data sources and applications to conform to compliance requirements is a complex process, and can be particularly difficult and ineffective as new data sources are introduced. The Veritas Cloud Storage Cognitive Engine and Dynamic Metadata Management automates metadata tagging and data classification—assuring compliance and governance policies are always in check.

  • Apply deeper levels of classification and indexing
  • Automate compliance using Included policies
  • Recognize and take action on PII data

Increase Information Capital

With an increasing number of data sources and exponential data growth, IT is compelled to move from big data management to mass data harvesting. The Integrated Cognitive Engine and Dynamic Metadata in Veritas Cloud Storage enables deep analytics from vast oceans of unstructured data —helping businesses discover informational insights that deliver the maximum strategic value.

  • Go deeper into content and unlock information capital
  • Extend analytics to external AI and machine learning engines
  • Sort, search and analyze dynamically added metadata for actionable insights

Easily deploy next gen apps with native frameworks and APIs

Veritas Cloud Storage solves the problems of scale, management, and economics - delivering all the benefits of a public cloud to developers in an on-premises infrastructure environment. The Thrift framework support in Veritas Cloud Storage enables scalable, cross-language services development. Universal, simultaneous access to content from a wide spectrum of interfaces, APIs, and frameworks means a focus on the apps, not the interface. The Integrated Cognitive Engine and Dynamic Metadata features allows app dev teams to better understand how data is used and how to make apps more efficient and useful.

  • Utilize pooled resources across many applications and groups
  • Software defined elasticity supports shifting performance requirements
  • Simplify application development and modernize traditional and legacy apps

Cognitive Capabilities, Cloud Agility, Unlimited Scale with On-Prem Security and Control

Internet of Things data requires a storage system that can simultaneously scale and support deep analytics projects. Understanding the contextual nature of each piece of data (such as the type and state of a sensor) is integral to making the most of that data. The Integrated Cognitive Engine and Dynamic Metadata Management in Veritas Cloud Storage is a bridge between physical sensors and the digital world, empowering actionable intelligence on Ingest.

  • Flexible, software defined approach easily accommodates changes in workloads and uses cases
  • Ingest, manage and protect trillions of objects of any size without degradation in performance
  • Dynamic metadata enhances search, data reuse, security and monetization