Software-Defined Storage Solutions


Software-Defined Storage Products


Veritas Access is software-defined unstructured data storage with application-responsive, multi-protocol data access, on server and storage hardware of choice.

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Access Appliance

Access Appliance is an integrated Software-Defined Storage appliance for long-term data retention with multi-cloud capability

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InfoScale Enterprise

InfoScale Enterprise offers world-class software-defined storage, availability and management for hybrid clouds.

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InfoScale Storage

Veritas InfoScale Storage lets you provision and manage storage independently of hardware type or location while gaining predictable quality of service and improved performance and ROI.

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InfoScale Foundation

Increase your storage utilization and enhance your storage I/O path availability with a comprehensive solution for heterogeneous online storage management.

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InfoScale Operations Manager

InfoScale Operations Manager provides a role-based management interface that delivers visibility and control of InfoScale business continuity and storage solutions.

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Optimized archival and backup storage solutions

Veritas Access is a software-defined, scale-out storage solution for long-term retention of unstructured data. It uses intelligent policies to optimize data placement on-premises or on public clouds. Access provides resiliency, multi-protocol access and automated data movement to realize increased primary storage performance, cost-effectiveness and scalability gains.

The Software-Defined Storage model allows customers to deploy storage software on the hardware of their choice—providing deployment flexibility, lower hardware costs, organizational agility, and easier, more affordable growth. It’s perfect for organizations that have sufficient IT resources to support a “do-it-yourself” deployment model, giving customers the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits their infrastructure, performance, and cost requirements.

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Integrated Software-Defined Storage appliance

The Veritas Access Appliance enables a turnkey deployment of Veritas’ software-defined Access scale-out network-attached storage—a storage solution optimized for unstructured data use cases. The 3340 Appliance is cost-optimized and tuned for high-capacity workloads like long-term retention (LTR), tape replacement and backup archiving.

The Access 3340 Appliance is deeply integrated with Veritas NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst, providing a turnkey, cost-optimized LTR solution for large-scale (PB) deployments where Veritas NetBackup is the primary backup utility.

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Ensure performance for mission critical applications

All applications accessing data from the storage pool are considered equal by the infrastructure. But they are not – some applications are mission critical to your business. Veritas Software-Defined Storage for High Performance Applications leverages the use of direct attached storage (DAS) architectures, achieving up to 400 percent application performance gains while reducing traditional storage area network (SAN) costs over 80 percent.

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