Managed Continuity Service

Ensure business continuity with managed disaster recovery as a service.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

In one flexible, cost-effective package

Your enterprise relies on information and the ability to access that information through business applications and partners. Managed Continuity Service provides a flexible, cost-effective recovery-as-a-service option for your business, so you can keep your systems up and your information flowing.

  • Keep your business running with managed recovery services and realize a strong return on investment (ROI)
  • Gain visibility into global business health and continuity readiness
  • Stay secure and compliant with industry standards and audit requirements

Choose managed recovery services

Tune round-the-clock service delivery to your business

  • Meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) within 4 hours and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) within 15 minutes
  • Seamlessly conduct managed zero-downtime recovery rehearsals with audit reporting
  • Add optional continuity and risk advisory or planning services

Ensure continuity readiness

Gain deep visibility into global business health

  • Use a single dashboard for visibility into protected applications, virtual machines, and business services including data movement and recovery operations status
  • Track ongoing business health via manual/scheduled reports and regular meetings with service delivery experts
  • Get a summary view of continuity readiness and risks

Safeguard compliance

Stay compliant with industry standards, mandates, and audit requirements

  • Comply with required industry-standard security best practices and mandates
  • Encrypt all business data in flight and at rest
  • Address data sovereignty and data residency requirements

Get effective recovery with a strong return on investment (ROI)

Maximize your business uptime with service delivery experts who constantly keep an eye on your business resiliency. In the event of a recovery to the DXC Managed Continuity Cloud, we help your business recover normal business processes in as little as 4 hours, with typically no more than 15 minutes of data loss. This is a significant reduction in recovery time compared to tape-based or in-house disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

  • Leverage the services of round-the-clock experts to monitor business resiliency
  • Significantly reduce the time needed to recover normal business processes after an event
  • Resume normal operations faster and less expensively than with tape-based on in-house DR solutions

Leverage a purpose-built solution for heterogeneous environments

Managed Continuity Service protects both virtual and physical assets with the DXC Global Continuity Recovery Centers. Your legacy business services on physical servers and newer virtual architecture-based services can be recovered within the global continuity data center. Plus, you can restore those services to your production data center with a single click.

  • Protect virtual and physical assets with a single DRaaS solution
  • Recover legacy business services in a virtualized environment
  • Restore those services to a physical server in your production data center with one click

Use a unified approach to business continuity

Now you can alleviate any security concerns with a robust, reliable solution. Our solution is fully compliant with industry security best practices and provides encryption for data both in flight and at rest.

  • Get in-country data hosting by the nearest DXC Global Continuity Recovery Center to address data sovereignty and data residency requirements
  • Enjoy strict limits on the number of clients assigned to the same leveraged asset—15:1 versus unlimited plus enforced exclusion zones
  • Receive continuity readiness reports including recovery rehearsals you can share with stakeholders

Gain insight into business continuity status

Now you can get real-time awareness about your continuity readiness and the current status of your environment via a universal dashboard showing the recovery status of all your sites, clouds, and systems under contract. You’ll also be able to check if RTO and RPO targets are aligned to your workload criticality and required compliance.

  • Easily check protected virtual machines and business services including data movement and recovery operations status via a single dashboard
  • Track the real-time status of your entire environment
  • Get a summary view of continuity readiness and risks

Access optional continuity plan services

As a continuity customer, you can take advantage of additional advisory, transformation, and management services. Options include continuity plan services such as status reviews. Or allow us to create, validate, audit, and run lifecycle management of the continuity plan for your business.

  • Assess continuity risks, align continuity plans to business needs, and prepare for managed recovery service onboarding with our advisory services
  • Assist with required environment changes and continuity plans or deploy a cloud-based continuity service with our transformation services
  • Manage the cloud-based continuity service and recovery operations with our management services

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