Capture & Archive Workplace from Facebook Communications Data with Merge1



Workplace from Facebook simplifies communication and helps create and foster company culture by connecting employees to business goals, values, and each other. With more workplace interactions taking place outside of email, regulatory mandates have also increased. Merge1, in addition to your existing infrastructure, is the solution to all your compliance and eDiscovery needs.


Veritas helps regulated firms:

  • Meet heavily monitored industry regulations like the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, CCPAand many more.
  • Ensure unified identity and policy across all conversations and content.
  • Merge1 enhances eDiscovery, helps with litigation preparedness and, consequently, reduces litigation risk.


Communications taking place over Workplace can easily be archived when adding Merge1 to your existing infrastructure. As opposed to other solutions, which require sending your workforce’s critical, sensitive communications to a third party data store, Merge1 captures communications taking place around documents in Workplace and stores them in your existing email archive, whether on-prem (e.g Veritas Enterprise Vault) or in the Cloud (e.g Microsoft Office 365).

Merge1 excels in helping archive Workplace from Facebook communications.

  • Captures one-on-one and group chats.
  • Captures attachments.
  • Captures user deleted messages and attachments.
  • Option to include timestamp formatting.


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