Capture & Archive Dropbox Business Data with Merge1


Hosting over 600 million registered users and over 15 million paying users, Dropbox is a leader in the cloud storage and document collaboration spaces. While employers move increasing numbers of workers to remote positions, the need to secure your file collaboration records is more urgent than ever. Merge1’s Dropbox connector is here to help capture your Dropbox records and store them in your existing archive for compliance peace of mind.


Merge1 captures Dropbox records and stores them in your existing archive infrastructure. No critical or sensitive records from your workforce are stored with Veritas or its platforms, averting the risk of any data breaches. Merge1 is archive agnostic, fully customizable and easy to set up and deploy.


With Merge1 from Veritas, companies can archive all Dropbox records to avoid fines, penalties and other enforcement actions by regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FINRA, FDA, GDPR, CCPA and more.

Merge1 captures and helps archive your Dropbox communications.

  • File operations including add, move, copy, download, and more.
  • File comments.
  • File sharing records.


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